The Duggars Gave Josh & Anna's Daughter Mackynzie a Controversial Birthday Gift

Mackynzie Duggar

Looks like Anna Duggar's oldest daughter had quite a birthday! Mackynzie turned 10 this week, and apparently, some Counting On fans aren't happy with the way the family celebrated. In fact, the Duggars' birthday gift to Mackynzie is controversial ... even though it's something that a lot of kids her age would love to get. 

  • On Monday, the Duggars shared that Jim Bob and Michelle got Mackynzie her own American Girl doll.

    The fam is currently visiting Jinger and Jeremy in California, and it looks like they are really making the most of their visit.

    "Had a fun stop at the American Girl store out in California today!" said the post on the official Duggar family Instagram. "Josh and Anna’s oldest daughter Mackynzie turns 10 years old tomorrow, and she picked out a new doll as a special gift from Grandma and Grandpa Duggar! Happy (early) birthday sweet girl!! We love you!!" 

    Um, we're adults and we're jealous. That's such an awesome gift! 

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  • No word on which doll Mackynzie picked, but she's beaming in all the photos. 

    For a lot of kids, the American Girl store is practically heaven on Earth. Mackynzie has to be so thrilled. Not only did she get to celebrate her 10th birthday on vacation in California, but she got an awesome gift, too? Lucky duck! 

  • But some fans have pointed out that they didn't think it's right for Mackynzie to get a gift while the other girls just watched. 

    Umm ... that's the definition of a birthday, is it not? Sure, some parties have goody bags, but the birthday girl or boy is the one who gets the gifts. We're sure Josie and the rest of the kids get their own gifts on their birthdays, too. 

    It's as if this commenter is saying that Michelle and Jim Bob had the responsibility of getting everyone something -- not the case on a birthday! 

  • Besides, the family revealed that they did actually get all the girls a treat. 

    A big American girl doll can be in the $100 range -- it's definitely a gift for a special occasion, and Jim Bob and Michelle were really going above and beyond by letting everyone pick something out, no matter how small. 

  • It seems like everyone truly had a blast on their outing.

    Almost the whole fam made the trip, including Josh, Jana, Abbie, John David -- it had to have been a really special birthday for Mackynzie.

    We hope she enjoys her day! Meanwhile, we may need to make a stop at an American Girl store ourselves...