Jana Kramer Faces Yet Another Infidelity Issue in Her Marriage

Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin
Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

In the years since they've been married, Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin have been through a lot of ups and downs -- many of them having to do with infidelity. But is this celebrity couple facing another obstacle? Recently, Jana found a topless photo of a woman on Mike's phone ... and the podcast they recorded afterward was seriously awkward. 

  • On her 'Whine Down' podcast, Jana revealed that Mike had been caught with a suspicious pic on his phone. 

    According to Mike himself, he didn't know the woman who sent it to him and deleted the photo right away -- but Jana saw the photo thanks to Mike's Apple watch, and she instantly assumed the worst.

    “I don’t want to live this kind of life," she confessed, according to Us Weekly. "We just moved into this beautiful house, and we had our second kid, and we fought so hard. Why is this happening again?”

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  • Jana and Mike have struggled with infidelity more than once in their marriage. 

    Fans of the podcast know that the couple speaks openly about their issues, including Mike's sex addiction and the fact that he cheated on her on multiple occasions with different women, both before and after they were married.  

    Now, Mike says this incident isn't the same as what's happened before -- but given their history, it's no surprise that Jana is hesitant to believe him.

    “It’s just one of those things that’s just difficult to navigate," he said. "It’s beyond hurtful to see Jana hurt and upset and feel things that she feels because of the things I’ve done in the past.”

  • Jana also took to Instagram to talk about what happened. 

    She wrote that she and MIke hadn't been talking for a full 24 hours when they recorded the podcast and almost ended up pulling it, but ultimately they decided to keep it because she hoped it would help someone going through something similar. 

    "Those of you may not understand the trauma and the pain around what we talked about and openly shared so please be nice and know we ended up keeping the episode because we hope it can help," she wrote. "Reality is no matter what you’ve been through marriage can be a difficult walk especially with added triggers and pain ... but know this, ur not alone in that walk and we are here rooting y’all on. Be kind to us as honestly we are embarrassed by how fresh and raw this episode was." 

  • According to Jana, she and Mike are now all good. 

    "Because the podcast didn’t end great ... today we are good, and have grown stronger from it. See that’s the thing, if you’re both willing to fight you can get stronger on the other side," she added in her post. 

    We're glad to hear that Jana and Mike are doing better now, and hopefully, things will only go up from here. Talking openly about issues in a relationship is never easy -- especially with an audience involved -- but good for them for sharing it with the world.