Kate Middleton & Prince William's Recent PDA Shows How Smitten They Are

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While it's rare to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together and not holding hands or touching each other in some capacity, Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't exactly known for getting handsy with each other in public. On Wednesday, though, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge engaged in PDA when Kate, seemingly caught up in a moment, got affectionate with her man. 

Was it adorable? Of course, it was!

  • Royal reporter Richard Palmer caught Kate Middleton and Prince William in a candid moment during a visit to the Aga Khan Centre in London.

    It's unclear what Prince William is saying in the short clip, but Kate seems to find it funny, as she chuckled a bit and put her arm in his shoulder. 


    OK, fine, while it may not be hot and heavy, it certainly isn't everyday we see William and Kate show affection for each other in public.

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  • While William and Kate may not have been specifically told not to be lovey-dovey with each other in public, it's apparently a sort of unwritten rule. 

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    It's the taking part that counts...🥄

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    According to The Express, body language expert Robin Kermode revealed that by Queen Elizabeth never getting too close to Prince Philip in public, she has created a precedent that "most senior royals prefer to follow."

    Hmmm ... wonder what the queen and even Prince Charles -- who never engages in PDA -- thinks of Harry and Meghan's style. 

  • There's no denying the fact that Meghan and Harry are the reigning queen and king of PDA, but Kate and William HAVE had a few "steamy" moments before. 

    Back in 2017, royal fans freaked out when, during an interview, Kate lovingly touched William's leg. 

    And then just last year, at Princess Eugenie's wedding, William and Kate were seen holding hands before the ceremony began. 

    So cute! Kate even kept her hand on William's thigh when he let go to leaf through a program. 

  • We're never going to live in a world where William and Kate are holding hands everywhere they go and kissing in public before parting ways. 

    kate middleton
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    So, the side hugs, arm touches, and discreet hand-holding -- we'll take it!

    And for their sake, we hope Queen Elizabeth takes it, too.