Aaron Carter Debuts Massive Face Tattoo Amid Family Drama

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Aaron Carter
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In the midst of all of the drama going on in his family, Aaron Carter has added some ink to his collection. Over the weekend, Aaron showed off his new face tattoo to his followers on Instagram, continuing to reassure his fans that everything is fine with him, despite everything that's been going on in his personal life. 

We're not so sure, though ...

  • After posting a couple of videos of his tattoo in progress recently, Aaron showed off the finished product.

    That thing is massive, and it appears to be a rendering of Medusa -- snakes and all. Aaron's tattoo takes up most of that side of his face, and ... it's a lot to take in. Given that Aaron has had tattoos for a long time now, it's not that surprising that he'd get another. It's more the placement than anything else, really.

    Like we said, it's a lot.

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  • And that's not the only photo of his ink job we get to see.

    "IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME," he wrote as his caption on this one. 

    It's hard not to wonder if this is the result of everything that he's been going through -- which we now know includes a restraining order from older brother Nick Carter, who said he felt threatened for his life and the life of his wife and unborn child because of claims Aaron made online. 

    Since then, Aaron has chosen to turn in two of his guns to police in a show of good faith, but only after he made a video saying he wanted to harm anyone who might try to take them away. At the time, Nick tweeted that he was "truly now afraid for my family's safety."

  • People are really starting to get worried about Aaron at this point. 

    There are so many comments like these going around, filled with people showing their concern for the former pop star. It certainly seems like something's not right, and the more we learn about it, the scarier the situation keeps getting.

  • Hopefully, Aaron is able to get the help he needs soon. 

    For now, it seems he's all about sporting his new ink, and if it makes him happy, so be it. After all, he's the one who has to live with his new friend Medusa on his face! 

    We just hope everyone is staying safe -- including Aaron's family. We're truly rooting for things to improve for all of them soon.

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