Tristan Thompson Won't Stop Commenting on Khloe Kardashian's Instagram

Tristan Thompson

Will Tristan Thompson ever leave Khloé Kardashian alone? Not for now, anyway. Recently, Tristan left a flirty comment on Khloé's Instagram, because of course he did. They haven't been together for months after that cheating scandal, and now, this? 

Seriously, why?  

  • On Thursday, Khloé shared this selfie on Instagram that apparently piqued Tristan's interest: 

    "May you have the courage to explore every dream you dream," the reality star captioned the blurry pic. 

    Gorgeous, as usual -- duh, this is Khloé we're talking about. Also as usual, Khlo was showered with likes and comments ... this time, including one from her ex. 

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  • Tristan has since deleted the comment, but is anything on the internet ever really deleted? 

    Us Weekly managed to capture a screenshot before the comment disappeared, and the NBA player had written, "The sun is shinning bright on a beautiful [diamond emoji]" under Khloé's pic.

    We're not sure where to start with this. First of all, he spelled "shining" wrong. Second of all -- stay away from her! Hasn't he done enough at this point?! 

  • Fans weren't having any of it with Tristan.

    A diamond that he dropped is right! Tristan had his chance (multiple chances, actually) with Khloé, and we all see how well that worked out. We hope that Khloé knows better than to encourage these kinds of comments. She deserves better! 

  • This comment pretty much sums it all up, too: 

    Honestly, it might be for the best if Tristan stepped away from social media for a little while. Or forever.

    Either way, it's clear that he won't be able to leave Khloé comments without the whole internet jumping on him. But it's not for nothing -- when someone hurts Khloé, the fans won't let him get away with it!

  • We truly hope Khlo knows better than to get involved with this guy again.

    There's always that chance these comments are because they've secretly rekindled their romance, and we seriously hope that's not the case. We know that it has to be hard for Khloé to walk away from her feelings for Tristan -- especially with their adorable daughter, True Thompson, involved -- but he's put her through enough, and she deserves a man who treats her better than that. 

    Stay strong, Khloé. We're rooting for you!