Anna Duggar Opens Up About Her 'Sorrow' in Anniversary Message to Josh

Josh and Anna Duggar

We can't imagine that it was easy to stay married to her husband after what he put her through, but somehow, Anna Duggar managed to keep her vows to Josh, despite the fact that he pretty much smashed his with a sledgehammer. After all, the Counting On star did have multiple sex scandals in 2015, and spent the better part of year in a Christian rehab facility for his alleged sex addiction.

  • It was Josh and Anna's anniversary on Thursday, September 26, and she marked the occasion on Instagram with a throwback wedding photo.

    She added the caption, "11 years ago, before God, our family and friends we said, 'I do!' -- and my how the past 11 years have flown by! The joys we've experienced together have far surpassed the shadows of sorrow we've walked through. Through it all, God’s kindness and grace has sustained us."

    She also mentioned her miscarriage (she has previously mentioned that she lost her second pregnancy), writing, "I am thankful for the 7 children He has given us together (5 here/1 in heaven/1 due in Nov)! I love you so much Joshua and look forward to growing old together! (Gotta admit though...being young together is pretty fun too!)"

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  • And Josh has definitely put her through some sorrows.

    It was revealed in 2015 that he had confessed to molesting five underage girls, including four of his own sisters, as a teenager. The family had tried to cover up the scandal, but a copy of the police report was eventually leaked, and well, that was that. 

    Then a few months after that scandal, the Ashley Madison hack revealed that Josh had not only one account, but two, on the infamous infidelity website. Josh admitted to being unfaithful to Anna, lost his job as a family values lobbyist in DC, 19 Kids and Counting was cancelled ... it was quite a time for the Duggars.

  • Anna had every reason in the world to take the kids and leave, but for some reason, she decided to stay.

    And have more babies with him. Since Josh got back from rehab in 2016, they added now 2-year-old Mason, and she is currently pregnant with baby number six, due in November.

    Last year on their anniversary, Anna got some backlash by referring to her marriage as a "wonderful adventure," with fans making comments that she was "delusional" and "brainwashed."

  • We just hope Anna really is happy with her choices.

    We have a suspicion that she doesn't really believe that she ever had a choice to divorce Josh and start a new life with her children, but we'd really like to be wrong about that. We hate to think of any woman trapped in a miserable marriage to someone who treats them like garbage.

    Maybe they really have moved beyond the "sorrow" Josh put their whole family through. We hope that's the case -- for Anna's sake at least.