JWoww Channels Winifred Sanderson in Epic 'Hocus Pocus' Pic

JWoww and Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus movie
jwoww/Instagram; Hocus Pocus/Facebook

We are SO here for this! With the season changing and the weather getting cooler, it's only a matter of time for before we start breaking out all of our witchy accessories -- and this reality star mom is already ahead of the game. JWoww is channeling Hocus Pocus in an incredible new photo that has us ready to light the Black Flame Candle.

  • Jenni is channeling her inner Winnie Sanderson in this 'Hocus Pocus' snap at Disney World.

    "SISTASSSSS ... oh look, another glorious morning! Makes me sick!!!!" the mom of two writes in her Instagram post.

    In the Jersey Shore star's group is her boyfriend, Zack Carpinello, as Billy Butcherson, and her 5-year-old daughter, Meilani, who totally rocked Dani's (Thora Birch) costume.

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  • The mom of two even shared a close-up of her look that is so on point.

    JWoww totally bodied her look -- and then some!

    These photos make us want to set our DVRs for the Hocus Pocus marathon that's going to commence in October.

    (Who are we kidding? We own the movie and will likely watch Hocus Pocus a few times before then.)
  • As you can imagine, people are LOVING JWoww's look.

    Instagram comments

    It's really good and pretty darn creative!

    We've seen some celebrities rock memorable Halloween costumes in our day, but this definitely gets a gold star in our book. It's creative, nostalgic, and has us so excited for Halloween!

  • Get it, witch!

    We can taste the candy corn (don't judge us), the candy apples, and witch's brew.

    Halloween can't come fast enough!

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