Jon Gosselin Fears for His Children Living With Kate

Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Brooke Lewis and Mark Bellas; Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin
Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Brooke Lewis and Mark Bellas; Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

There's been drama and accusations surrounding this family for many years, and it looks like it's not letting up. Reportedly, Jon Gosselin is scared for his children living with Kate as he knows what's "she's capable of" that has the once reality star dad worried about their safety.


  • Jon has been opening up about behind-the-scenes drama his family has endured -- including son Collin's plea to be saved.

    Speaking exclusively with DailyMailTV, Jon Gosselin recently opened up about the letter Collin sent him in 2017 from a treatment center Kate put him in.

    "I told Mom [Kate Gosselin] I want to live with you, she said no," Collin's letter to Jon read, 'DailyMailTV' exclusively reported. "She can't choose for me. I'm old enough now, I'm YOUR son, not hers," Collin's letter to his dad, written in crayon, continued. "She was abusive to me after I left your house. I'm sorry. Take this to court because … you're my dad, my savior. I'm counting on you to get me out of here. Daddy, I love you. save me. Please come FAST. I love you. Help me. BYE."

    In 2016, Kate sent Collin away to receive treatment for undisclosed special needs. But as Jon has asserted, Collin doesn't have special needs that receive such extreme measures. Last year, the dad of eight fought for custody of Collin, with a judge awarding Jon sole custody last December. (Kate reportedly skipped Collin's custody hearing.)

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  • And he's not mincing words when it comes to the fears he has for his children living with ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

    In addition to Collin Gosselin, Jon has custody of his daughter Hannah. His other children -- Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah, 15 -- live with Kate, while twin daughters Cara and Madelyn, 18, are now in college.

  • "I do know what she's capable of, whether it's mental or physical [abuse]," Jon explained to DailyMailTV.

    "I have two kids in my house who left a whole pile of money behind. They left fame and money and came to my house. They left it all behind," he continued to the outlet about Kate Gosselin being "obsessed" with fame and putting their children on reality television.

    "They have all said they have to film because they feel they need to provide a lifestyle for their mother. They don't want to film. They said they have to film. That's heartbreaking. Why do my kids need to provide for themselves? They're kids."
  • Though he fears for the rest of his kids, Jon says he's doing what he can to provide the best life for Collin and Hannah.

    "I want to be genuine. I want a good upbringing for my children. I want them to be children and not on television anymore and I want them to live good, healthy, normal lives," Jon Gosselin told the outlet.

    Here's hoping this family is able to heal and mend fences.