Pregnant Amy Duggar Rushed to the Hospital After 'Painful Contractions'

Amy Duggar

She's getting close to her due date, but Amy (Duggar) King almost met her baby boy a little bit early over the weekend! The pregnant Duggar cousin shared via Instagram on Sunday that she had to go to the hospital after experiencing "painful" contractions. Thankfully, it looks like everything is OK, and she's still pregnant, but that had to have been quite the scare!

  • Amy shared this cute photo with her fans, along with a caption explaining why she needed to go to the hospital to check on her baby.

    She wrote, "The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take serious. Well... at times ... Last night was one of those serious times." She continued, "I went to the hospital and they told me I was having early labor contractions and whoaa buddy they were intense but I'm not yet dialated! So I just have to breathe, rest and let my body do the rest. Thank you for always being my rock @kingdillpickle and for all the prayers and sweet DM's! The nurse said Daxton is 'textbook perfect!' Praise the Lord!"

    Amy also added, "PS: checking for dilation hurts. Hurts freaking bad and I seriously should write a book about the real stuff that happens during pregnancy. I promise I wouldn't sugar coat a thing!! Lol!"

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  • It looks like things are back to normal after her false labor scare!

    The mom-to-be shared this "cool boy mom" photo on Monday. She did mention in the caption that the photo shoot took place last week, but still, it looks like she's feeling well enough to be posting on Insta!

  • Amy has been living every moment of this pregnancy to the fullest, and has participated in multiple gorgeous maternity shoots.

    She shared this dreamy session with People magazine, but it's hardly the only professional photos she's had taken in the past couple of months. She also did a fun milk bath one, and one honoring her late grandmother, Mary Duggar

  • We're glad to hear Amy and baby Dax are doing just fine, and we can't wait to finally meet him!

    Amy isn't technically due until October 9, but at this point, he could come any time. Considering that she's already having painful contractions, it won't be long now!