20 Clues About the Type of Mom Meghan Markle Is

20 Clues About the Type of Mom Meghan Markle Is
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It's safe to say that we knew a wee bit more about Meghan Markle when she got pregnant with Archie Harrison than we did about Kate Middleton when she got pregnant with Prince George. For one, the Duchess of Sussex had a much more public life than the Duchess of Cambridge before marrying into the royal family (complete with public Instagram!), and two, she's pretty outspoken -- not exactly a trait commonly attributed to Kate. 

So, can this give us a few clues about the way she's raising her firstborn? We think so!

For one, Meghan has always had an extremely close relationship with her own mom, Doria Ragland, so right there, that tells us that bonding and family are both extremely important to her. But what else do we know? (Is she raising Archie as a feminist? We'd put about a million dollars on that one!)

Save for a few quick interviews, neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle have revealed too much about their journey into parenthood. But numerous "inside sources" have let juicy details slip, and to be honest, we feel like we can deduce a fair amount about Meghan's parenting style from the few photos we've seen of her with her adorable son. It's basically like we're living right there in Frogmore Cottage with her. 

Or something like that. 

From the manner in which she gave birth (or, what we don't know about her birth, at least) to her maternity leave activities, here are 20 clues about the kind of mom Meghan Markle really is. 

Spoiler alert: We kind of want her to adopt us. 

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