Josiah & Lauren Duggar Get Major Heat for Posting Their Baby Registry Online

Josiah Duggar, Lauren Swanson

Uh-oh, this is not a good look for them. Counting On couple Josiah and Lauren (Swanson) Duggar have shared their baby registry on their public Instagram account -- and they're totally getting called out for it. Considering that their famous family has been called out multiple times in the past for trying to take financial advantage of fans, you'd think they'd think twice about asking their followers for gifts.

  • Eagle-eyed Duggar fans noticed that Josiah and Lauren updated their Instagram profile to include a link to their Amazon baby registry.

    The items on the list include baby clothes and lots of bows, a hospital-grade breast pump, a dresser and glider, expensive baby electronics such as a video monitor and an oxygen monitor, and several boxes of diapers in all different sizes. 

    It wasn't long before a Duggar sub-reddit picked up on the registry and started raking Josiah and Lauren over the coals. A few people pointed out that Lauren has bragged in the past about thrift store shopping, with comments like "[Buy] used and save the rest, unless someone is buying them gifts," and "All those items on her registry she can find at thrift stores for fraction of the price. She is delusional."

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  • Other people wondered if Lauren's age had anything to do with her lack of decorum. 

    One person wondered, "I wonder if because she’s so young she doesn’t realize how tacky this looks?" Although another use responded, "I'm a bit younger than Lauren and I can't imagine doing this. It's embarrassing. Asking internet strangers for baby gifts. Oh Lauren... you have a huge family who will all get you stuff, what more do you need?"

  • Lauren is due in November with a baby girl.

    It's a rainbow baby for the couple, who shared that they suffered an early miscarriage last fall. It was obviously a difficult time for Lauren, so we understand why she's beyond excited to be pregnant again. 

    But especially given the family's history of public perception when it comes to asking for donations, you'd think they'd keep their registry private. 

  • So far, Lauren is the only one of Duggar baby boom moms who has posted a link to her registry. 

    Kendra (Caldwell) Duggar, Anna Duggar, Abbie (Burnett) Duggar, and cousin Amy (Duggar) King are all expecting little ones this fall or winter, and so far, they've refrained from posting a link to their registries. 

    Lauren is obviously new to this reality TV fame world, and just from this incident, it seems she has a lot to learn.