Jinger Duggar Wears Short-Shorts in LA But Her Husband May Not Be a Fan

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo

She's definitely cementing her rebel status. Not only did Duggar daughter Jinger move to Los Angeles a few months ago with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, she's been bucking all the modesty standards she grew up with. First it was the blond hair and tank tops, and now it looks like the Counting On star has fully embraced short-shorts. And from a telling post on social media ... we're wondering what Jer really thinks of his wife's sexy new look.

  • Jinge was caught by the paparazzi taking baby Felicity to meet Jeremy for lunch at 786 Degrees pizza joint.

    Jinge looks seriously cute in black and white checked shorts, a denim top, and sunnies, but it's definitely something that would cause her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, to yell "Nike!" when out with the family, as a warning for the boys to avert their eyes, lest they be tempted to stare at scantily clad women.

    According to Radar Online, Jinger and Jeremy got pizza with two male friends. One eye witness told the media outlet that she "seems like a totally different person." The source explained, "I was in shock when she popped out of her car with shorts on. That's something that goes against the family's modesty rules ... She's just really loving doing her own thing!"

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  • We can't help but wonder what Jeremy thinks of his wife's new look, especially after he shared this photo to his Instagram story.

    It's obviously a photo from their pizza lunch with friends this week, but why is it so closely cropped on Jeremy's side? Is he cropping his hot wife out of the photo, possibly because he disapproves of her attire? Of course it could just be an unfortunate camera crop, but with how well-composed Jinge and Jer's social media photos usually are, this one is just causing us to pause for a moment.

  • Of course, Jer hasn't seemed to mind Jinger's transformation in the least up until now, so we doubt he's getting upset over the length of her shorts.

    Jinger has been wearing jeans pretty much since her her 2016 wedding, when she was finally no longer under her parents' strict dress code rules. She's worn short dresses and sleeveless shirts, strappy heels, tank tops, and all kinds of form-fitting outfits since then, and has still managed to look like a totally appropriate pastor's wife. 

  • We're happy for Jinger and her freedom to wear short-shorts.

    No one should be forced to awkwardly cover up every inch of their body because of some archaic view of modesty. Can we just go with cultural standards? She's not walking into a restaurant in a bikini or lingerie. Let the woman live already.