Meghan Markle Reportedly Had to Learn Table Manners Before She Married Prince Harry

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
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We knew there was a lot about royal life Meghan Markle had to learn before she married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, but this is one thing we would've thought she already had down. According to reports, the American actress had to take etiquette lessons, especially when it came to table manners.

  • According to one British etiquette expert, Meghan had quite a bit to learn before having tea with Queen Elizabeth.

    It was previously reported that Meghan received "training" from none other than Prince Harry himself, but one tea shop owner in Pasadena, California, claims that he taught her the ropes when it comes to choosing which fork to pick up first at the table.

    Edmund Fry of the Rose Tree Cottage tea room opened up to the Daily Mail recently about when Meg came in before her wedding in May 2018. According to Fry, the lesson was two hours long, and included how to "handle" a fork and how to properly drink tea.

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  • Meghan reportedly had a lot to learn, but Fry didn't blame the bride-to-be at all. 

    "She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to come back," Fry shared. "The younger generation doesn't know what bone china is and certainly don't know anything about how to handle a cup and saucer, or how to handle a knife and fork."

    "They come to us mainly to find out, 'What should we do, as we are having this social event?'" he continued. "The same sort of thing happened with Meghan. She knew she would be having tea with the Queen. Here, they really do not know what to do. What we have found is that we give them a little information if they are interested and watch what happens."

    He also added a dig to the coffee shop-obsession in the United States, saying, "We live in a society here which is a styrofoam cup or cardboard cups with a straw and everybody eats with their hands as we see with the ads on television ... Obviously she's not going to get that for afternoon tea if she goes to the Queen."

  • We're guessing Meghan learned the ropes of tea etiquette very quickly, as her relationship with Harry's grandmother seems to be going exceptionally well. 

    Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth
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    She even got to make her first royal solo outing with the queen just weeks after the wedding -- a privilege not afforded to sister-in-law Kate Middleton until earlier this year. 

    We obviously can't be sure if Meghan really is Queen Elizabeth's favorite, but all evidence seems to point to it. 

  • We're pretty sure Meghan had basic etiquette down before taking lessons at Rose Tree Cottage, but it's super sweet she did it.

    She was going into uncharted territory, joining the immediate royal family as a biracial American divorcee. Given the crown's stodgy history (the queen wouldn't even let her sister, Princess Margaret, marry her divorced lover, for fear of how it would look to the public), we don't blame Meghan for wanting to make her best first impression.

    We have a feeling that her attention to detail is one of the reasons Elizabeth seems to love her so much. Well that, and the fact the dogs apparently adore her too.