Josiah & Lauren Duggar Officially Have a Name for Their Baby-to-Be

Lauren Duggar, Josiah Duggar

The countdown is on for Lauren and Josiah Duggar's baby's arrival, and now, it sounds like they're already making all the important plans. In fact, the Counting On couple already have a name all picked out for their baby girl. 

There's only one problem: So far, they're not sharing. Ugh! 

  • Earlier this week, Lauren shared some fun facts about herself on Instagram.

    She opened up about going to college, growing up in central Georgia, and how she met the Duggar family to begin with. It was pretty informative, since we don't know Lauren all that well quite yet. 

    This prompted her fans to ask her more questions in the comments ... including one about their baby-to-be. 

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  • One fan asked if Lauren and Josiah had chosen a name for their daughter yet. 

    So here we have it -- they've chosen a name, but they're keeping it a secret. We get it, and it's totally their call ... but that doesn't mean we're not dying to know! 

    Given that Lauren and Josiah chose a distinctive name (Asa) for their first baby, whom Lauren miscarried earlier this year, we wonder if the name they have picked out for their baby girl will be the same. But it seems like we're going to have to remain curious for a bit longer, because these two aren't talking. 

  • Now that September is in full swing, Josiah and Lauren are getting closer and close to meeting their baby. 

    They didn't share an exact due date with fans, just that the baby is expected to arrive this November, so we're assuming that the next couple of months will be a very exciting time for these two.

    We can't imagine how excited they must be, especially after how devastated they were when Lauren's first pregnancy unexpectedly ended. 

  • We can't wait for the Duggar baby boom of '19 to continue. 

    Whatever Lauren's daughter's name is, she's going to be in good company -- Abbie, Anna, and Kendra are all expecting, and so is cousin Amy Duggar. 

    Our Instagram feeds are about to be flooded with a ton of adorable baby pics. We're not complaining!