20 Celebrities Who Looked Stunning as Bridesmaids

Nicole Pomarico | Sep 18, 2019 Celebrities
20 Celebrities Who Looked Stunning as Bridesmaids
Image: Splash News

Taylor Swift at a friend's wedding
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As much as we love a good celebrity wedding, there's something really special about when a celebrity is in a wedding. After all, our favorite stars are usually the ones in the spotlight, but when they're supporting a friend who's marrying the love of their life, they tend to take a back seat so their loved ones can shine. But somehow, these celebs still stand out -- and for some of them, it's simply because they look so incredible in a bridesmaid's dress.

Yes, we said it. A bridesmaid's dress. Because there are some pretty gorgeous ones out there.

And if anyone is going to look this good in a bridesmaid's dress, it's women who are used to getting all dressed up for formal occasions and posing for photographers as part of their day job. Being comfortable in a gown goes a long way, ya'll, and that extra bit of confidence truly shines when it's their turn to stand beside their friend or family members as they say their vows in front of everyone they love.

Recently, E! News rounded up celebrities who have been bridesmaids, and it's such a fun look back at these stars and the sweet moments they've shared with some of the most important people in their lives. Not only was Taylor Swift in multiple weddings (with how hectic her schedule must be, we're impressed), but so were stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Lauren Conrad. And who can forget how Pippa Middleton totally stole th