15 Celebrities Who Went From Blond to Brunette & Look Fab

Nicole Pomarico | Sep 17, 2019 Celebrities
15 Celebrities Who Went From Blond to Brunette & Look Fab
Image: Jackson Lee/GC Images/Getty Images

Charlize Theron
Jackson Lee/GC Images/Getty Images

Getting a new hair color and cut can be absolutely life-changing. There's no quicker way to get a major boost when it comes to appearances like the one that happens after a visit to the salon. And being that so many of our favorite celebrity hair styles are giving us so much inspiration lately, we had to turn to them for ideas about what kind of style we're looking for next -- and there are already so many of them who are making us want to go brunette ASAP.

They say blondes have more fun, but it looks like brunettes have fun, too -- at least, as far as these ladies are concerned.

Making a major hair change is a huge decision, and we're willing to bet there's even more pressure when that decision is open for strangers all over the world to weigh in on. But going a few shades darker can be the right call for a lot of people, especially when paired with the right cut.

There are definitely some celebs who have gone brunette more recently than others -- like Katherine Heigl, who just dyed her hair brown for a role, or Sophia Bush, who opted for a chop and a darker locks. Others have gone back and forth between various shades of blond and brunette, giving us so much hair envy.

We don't even want to know what these women spend at the salon, but their cuts and color are definitely something other (read: less expensive) stylists can replicate for the real world.

Ready to get inspired before that next hair appointment comes around? Read on for all the celebs who have left blond for brunette and looked amazing doing it. Some of them may have originally gone back to their lighter roots, but that doesn't mean they didn't look amazing while they were experimenting with their color.