Lauren Duggar Opens Up About Going to College

Josiah Duggar, Lauren Swanson

God bless the Duggars, but Counting On fans are well aware that the famous family doesn't put a huge amount of stock into higher education. Most of the boys start working in the family businesses to some degree after turning 18, and the girls are pretty quick to find a husband and begin their lives as wives and mothers, so formal college hasn't really been a priority for the fam. That's why were surprised to hear that Josiah Duggar's wife, Lauren (Swanson), has professionally trained to be a nurse.

  • Lauren shared a "get to know you" post on Instagram this week, highlighting 11 fun facts about herself.

    Some of them were pretty obvious, like the fact that she loves Jesus with her whole heart and that she and Josiah basically grew up together as family friends (most of the married Duggar couples met this way). Others were lesser known, like her secret talent being yodeling. We're going to need some video of that, by the way.

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  • But the thing that really stood out to us is that Lauren went to college to become a nurse.

    Number seven on her list was, "I went to college when I was 16 and finished my Associate’s degree in Nursing at 18."

    Although she got her degree in it, she revealed in the comments that she never practiced, as she didn't take her boards. When a fan asked why she doesn't work as a nurse, she replied, "I would have to take my boards exam to practice. However, really nursing isn't my passion."

    Passion or not, we're still really impressed that she went to some college, and earned an associate degree. She's very fortunate that she doesn't have to work outside the home, but it's always nice to have skills and education to fall back on just in case. 

  • Should she ever decide to take her boards and work as a nurse, she has the perfect person to ask for help -- sister-in-law Abbie.

    John David Duggar broke the family's courtship stereotype by spending his early and mid-20s single. The self-proclaimed "bachelor to the rapture" finally found the one in Abbie Burnett, who was also closer to 30 than to her teenage years. 

    Abbie worked professionally as a nurse, the first Duggar daughter or daughter-in-law to hold down a job outside the home. 

  • Even though Lauren never worked as a nurse, we're sure that training will come in handy when she welcomes her first baby this fall.

    Lauren is due in November with her first child. Their little girl is their rainbow baby, after they suffered an early miscarriage late last year.

    We can't wait to meet her little one, and who knows? Maybe someday she'll even go to college herself.