20 Times Prince Harry Showed How Athletic He Really Is

20 Times Prince Harry Showed How Athletic He Really Is
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Even though he lives in a castle (sort of) and gets pampered more than the average person, there's no denying the fact that Prince Harry is obviously a serious athlete. Whether he's playing polo, supporting sports-oriented charities, or taking part in a race himself, the Duke of Sussex appears to be in peak physical condition. And even more so, the dude clearly loves everything about sports. 

Is it running? Yoga? Tell us your secrets, Harry! 

From an early age, both Prince William and Prince Harry have shown an interest in sports -- and it seems that they jump at any opportunity they get to be active. And in the past few years -- namely, since getting together with health-conscious Meghan Markle -- the Duke of Sussex has upped his fitness game even more. 

In addition to his usual workouts (he works out five times a week with a trainer), Harry has also reportedly taken up yoga, as well as ditched his smoking habit and started a "clean eating" regimen -- obviously all recommendations from his wife, who, let's be honest, has every right to be doling out health advice.  

He may be on a supercharged health kick now, but for Harry, being sporty is nothing new. Here are 20 times Harry showed off his athleticism. 

We're impressed. 

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