Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Making a Huge Change for Their Family

Kim Kardashian, Chicago West

There's never a dull moment in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's house, and now, it sounds like they're making a major change. Kanye bought a new ranch in Wyoming, and Kim's opening up about how it will affect their family. 

Sounds as if some big changes could be on their way for North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm!

  • When Kim sat down with Jimmy Fallon this week, she said Kanye's "dream and vision" has always been to live in Wyoming.

    But is it Kim's? Not exactly. Even though she said she loves Wyoming, she has no plans to be there full time, even if Kanye decides to. After all, she loves LA -- and we can't imagine she'd ever want to be that far away from her family all the time. 

    “I love LA, so I envision summers, I envision some weekends,” she said.

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  • However, it sounds like their visit to see the ranch recently didn't go exactly as she planned. 

    She told Jimmy that Kanye tried to whisk her, Chicago, North, and Saint away to a romantic cabin ... but it was too much roughing it for Kim and her crew. 

    "No electricity, iPads died, he falls asleep so now I'm with the three kids, no bathroom," she said. "There's now no lights, I'm now scared to death that a bear is gonna come out ... my phone dies, there's literally no service, no nothing. I'm peeing in a bottle because there's no bathroom -- I'm just like, losing my mind. I wake up and make my breakfast on a fire thing." 

    But then, she realized that there was a nice hotel nearby, and that was way more her speed. Uh, duh -- there's nothing about Kim that would have ever made us think she'd enjoy that kind of getaway.

  • The way Kanye and Kim balance each other out is why they work, though.

    If they were into all of the same things, how boring would their relationship be? And despite whatever their fam faces, they're still so in love all these years later. It must be working for them! 

    We just hope Kanye doesn't plan any camping trips in the future -- we all saw how that went when she took North camping on KUWTK, and it sounds like their cabin experience was a little too close to sleeping outdoors for Kim's comfort. 

  • We can't wait to hear more about the Wyoming ranch. 

    We need photos, videos ... a full-on tour. And we know that once Kim and Kanye are done making it their own, it's going to be amazing

    If they ever need anyone to house sit, they know where to find us!