Kate Hudson Sparks Debate for Not Wanting To Marry Baby's Father 'Anytime Soon'

Kate Hudson, Danny Fujikawa

These two welcomed their first child together almost a year ago, but it sounds like Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa won't be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Apparently, Kate isn't planning to get married in the foreseeable future ... and fans certainly have some mixed feelings about it. 

But hey, whatever works for them, right?

(Well, you'd think that.)

  • According to Kate herself, marriage isn't even on her agenda right now -- or maybe ever.

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    It sounds like Entertainment Tonight got Kate on the subject of weddings after talking about her brother, Wyatt Russell, walking down the aisle earlier this month -- which seems to have put her off of the idea of marriage, at least for now. 

    "Yeah, especially after one wedding, you're like, 'Whew!' It's a lot of work but yeah, not anytime soon but I love the man!" Kate said.

    Can't blame her for that. Anyone who's had a wedding, helped plan a wedding, or even attended a wedding knows they can be completely exhausting.

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  • Kate & Danny have been together since 2017 and friends a lot longer than that.

    Kate's also gotten some flack for having three babies with three different men, which is kinda ridiculous to even think about in 2019. Why would anyone even point that out, let alone judge her for it? 

    Kate and Danny's daughter, Rani Rose, turns 1 in October. Kate has two older sons -- Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 8 -- from previous relationships (a marriage and engagement). They're already a beautiful blended family with or without making it official. So if Kate's not ready for marriage, it's truly not a big deal ... as much as we know we'd drool over those wedding photos.

  • Some people aren't impressed with this information ... or Kate herself.

    Facebook comments

    Wow, we've really gotta side eye these comments. How are any of them to know how seriously Kate takes marriage? 

    For the record, she's been married once, to Chris Robinson, and that marriage lasted seven years. We hardly think that's grounds to judge her like this, especially considering that Kate is far from the only person who's had a marriage not work out as planned.

  • Fortunately, other fans are rooting for Kate, especially because not getting married has worked out pretty well for her mom.

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    After all, Kurt and Goldie have been together for well over 30 years without tying the knot, and they're doing just fine. 

    If she's going to take her mom's route, we're here for it -- we would never doubt Goldie! 

    And as these comments said, the piece of paper isn't what makes the relationship. If marriage is important to a couple, they should get married. If not, there's no reason they can't have a fulfilling life together without exchanging rings.

  • Maybe Kate will change her mind about marriage in the future, but for now, she seems really happy.

    And honestly, isn't that what matters most? 

    We love Kate and Danny's relationship, as well as all the adorable photos she's been sharing of Rani. Keep 'em coming, mama!

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