Kristin Cavallari Explains Why Her Kids Should Use Her Fame to Their 'Advantage'

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Kristin Cavallari
ENT/Splash News

As the world (or just nosy folks) wait to see what happens to Lori Loughlin and that college admissions scandal, it looks like another star is all about using her celebrity to her advantage (sorta). Kristin Cavallari wants her kids to use her fame to their "advantage." Although that might sound a bit WTF to some, the former Hills star's reason kinda makes sense and, more importantly, isn't illegal.

  • Kristin recently revealed that her kiddos are starting to figure out that she and her hubby are famous.

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    ... well, her oldest children know.

    "My daughter has no clue … but my boys do," the former reality star explained to Us Weekly about her kids -- sons Camden, 7, and Jaxon, 5, and daughter Saylor, 3 -- with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

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  • "[O]lder kids are starting to ask them at school about us," she told Us Weekly.

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    "They know I have a store, but if they see me on TV hosting, I don't think they really get that," Kristin Cavallari added. Even though kids these days are too young to remember her from Laguna Beach or the original Hills series (they weren't even born), Kristin says they know her hubby Jay used to play professional football.

    "That’s an easier thing to understand!" she noted.

  • And as the mom of three explained to her oldest, if kids are going to be nice at school because of his parents' celebrity, use it.

    "My oldest thinks it's cool. He thinks he's famous because of it, so I'm like, 'Whatever. If the kids are being nice to you, if the older kids are being nice to you … use that to your advantage,'" Kristin told Us Weekly.

  • Hey, why not?

    So long as Kristin and Jay aren't encouraging their children to be entitled little brats who try to use their parents' fame to get what they want, why not ride the waves if people are being nice? (Notice we didn't say nice and receiving bribes and/or some type of kickback.)

    Being a kid in school these days is super hard, so if someone wants to be a little extra nice, why not?

    Hopefully, Kristin's kiddos will tell those being extra nice to them to treat others the same way, even if their parents aren't well-known.

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