30 of Kate Middleton's Best Fall Outfits

Martha Sorren | Nov 15, 2019 Celebrities
30 of Kate Middleton's Best Fall Outfits
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Kate Middleton
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Well, it's that time of year, ladies and gents! The summer heat is finally starting to break, the leaves are starting to change colors, and the fashion is getting cozier. There's no denying that everyone loves when the fall season rolls around, and perhaps the thing we love most about autumn is the way Kate Middleton dresses during it. Sure, we love the Duchess of Cambridge's summer style as much as any royal fan, but there's some sort of special fashion magic that happens when the weather turns a little chilly. The duchess steps out in her best coats and long-sleeved dresses, and of course, we want to copy every single outfit ... if only we had the budget.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a style expert during every season, but we think everyone would agree that her best royal fashion truly comes out September through December. Whether the seasons are transitioning from summer to fall or fall to winter, Kate has the perfect outfit for every occasion. She isn't afraid to mix textures, bring summer patterns into fall, or play around with brighter colors during the autumn months, and we're thinking that anyone who has ever called Kate's royal fashion boring isn't paying attention. 

This duchess keeps it fresh every time fall rolls around, and now that we're quickly approaching the cooler months, we can't wait to see what kind of autumn outfits Kate has in store for us this season. If we had to guess, we'd say she's going to pull out all the stops. So, in honor of the weather finally starting to cool off, here are 30 of Kate Middleton's best fall-inspired outfits.

  • Standing Out

    Kate Middleton
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    When Kate wears a fall outfit as vibrant as this one, she can't help but stand out from the crowd. Plus, with the foggy, misty fall weather in England, any sort of color would make Kate the complete star of the show.

  • The Perfect Coat

    Kate Middleton
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    We really don't know how she does it, but Kate always seems to have the perfect coat for every occasion. This cobalt blue coat is the perfect choice for those transition days when it's not quite winter but the autumn chill is definitely present.

  • Keeping Florals Alive

    Kate Middleton
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    Who says floral prints can't carry on into the fall season? Kate found the perfect floral dress for September, when we're aren't quite ready to give up our summer looks, but a longer sleeve is necessary. Good job, duchess.

  • So Classic

    Kate Middleotn
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    Seriously, Kate does classic so well. Some people may call it stuffy, but in our biased opinion, we can't get enough of how the duchess mixes vintage looks and textures to make a the perfect fall weather outfit.

  • Wishing It Were Christmas Already

    Kate Middleton
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    It's so easy to get impatient for the Christmas season during fall, but Kate fights the urge to sing holiday carols a few months early by sporting this beautiful dark green coatdress. Don't worry, Kate ... November will turn into December before you know it.

  • Going Monochromatic

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate rocks a monochromatic ensemble pretty often, but she never (and we mean never) makes it looks boring or stuffy. Fall is definitely one of the best times to just pick a color and stick with it, and who knew that black could look so autumn!

  • Breaking Out the Tights

    Kate Middleton
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    We know it's officially the fall season when Kate starts breaking out her best pairs of tights. Black tights with a deep plum dress certainly seems like the most perfect autumn ensemble to us. Let's hope Kate wears something like this again soon.

  • Sometimes a Dress Won't Cut It

    Kate Middleton
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    If we were Kate, we would honestly get a little tired of wearing dresses all the time ... especially during the fall season. Sometimes a duchess just needs to break out her best pair of business pants for a more corporate autumn look.

  • Matching the Changing Colors

    Kate Middleton
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    As the leaves start to change their colors, Kate starts to do the same with her wardrobe. During the summer, Kate is all about the florals and the pastel colors, but this duchess really brings out all the stops for the fall weather. 

  • Can't Go Wrong With Tweed

    Kate Middleton
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    Now -- we're pretty sure that Kate Middleton and Kate Middleton only could pull off a tweed dress like his. And this is one of those dresses that the duchess has broken out several times, especially during the fall. 

  • Casual Autumn

    Kate Middleton
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    Fall is the official season of army green jackets and hunting boots ... and it looks like Kate got the memo. We love when the duchess goes casual, and she really breaks out the best of her casual outfits during the cooler weather months.

  • Playing With Pattern

    Kate Middleton
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    People often think of the spring and summer months being the time to play with pattern, and while fall does have more of a minimalist feel to it, Kate doesn't always play by those rules. We are loving this plaid, textured coatdress.

  • Accessorizing With Bangs

    Kate Middleton
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    Sometimes the perfect fall outfit doesn't need a lot of unnecessary jewelry to go along with it. Kate knew that the debut of her new side bangs was going to steal the show.

  • The Perfect Jumper

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate's red jumper (or sweater, for us Americans) looks like the perfect cozy piece for the fall months. The weather in England can get quite brisk during autumn, so this duchess probably has a lot of fall sweaters to choose from.

  • Good 'Ol Sweater Dress

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate became a royal just as sweater dresses were having their moment in the fashion world, so of course she had to sport a few during her early days of having HRH status. The addition of the wide black belt is so 2011, it hurts.

  • Ready for School

    Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte
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    The Cambridge kids have a school uniform ... and so does Kate Middleton! The duchess's red and blue floral dress was the talk of the town on Princess Charlotte's first day of school, and rightfully so.

  • Fall Prints

    Kate Middleton
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    Kate isn't afraid to play with pattern all year round. She swaps her pastel florals for darker hues and longer hemlines, but she remains just as classic and elegant as she was during the spring and summer. 

  • Classic Burgundy

    Kate Middleton
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    Where there's fall weather, there's also a duchess sporting a burgundy outfit. This two piece set was the most perfect way Kate could have made her fall debut as a duchess, and luckily for us, she's re-worn it a couple of times over the years.

  • Leafy Red

    Kate Middleton
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    Boy, does Kate look good in burning red. This duchess loves breaking out those traditional autumn colors once September rolls around, and she's really convincing us that fall is the season she thrives in the most.

  • Pretty in Cream

    Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    Fall doesn't always have to mean wearing darker hues and shades of red. Kate still looked absolutely ready for autumn in this creamy coat and dark brown tights. It's all about balance, right?

  • Cozy Pants

    Kate Middleton in a gray blazer and blue velvet pants
    WPA Pool / Pool/Getty Images

    Velvet is the perfect fabric for fall because it offers a little more warmth than other materials, like cotton. Kate went with dark navy velvet pants to complement this look. And if anyone has ever said don't mix black shoes with navy pants -- well, they're wrong.

  • Cold Weather Miniskirt

    Kate Middleton sitting in a printed skirt and black turtleneck sweater
    WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images

    Short skirts aren't just for summertime. Kate matched this black and white houndstooth print skirt with a black turtleneck and it totally transitions the look to fall. Plus, it's also a warmer take on the separates trend, because the top covers her neck to keep her extra warm. 

  • Autumnal Lace

    Kate Middleton in a purple lace dress
    Zak Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images

    One way to take the lace trend from summer to fall is to change up the color. Instead of a white or cream lace sundress (Kate's worn those before, too), the duchess opted for a deep eggplant color and a maroon suede clutch. These darker tones are totally fall, and the lacy fabric keeps things a little fun.

  • Muted Separates

    Kate Middleton waving wearing navy pants and a green blazer
    Samir Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images

    Speaking of deep fall tones, this forest green and navy blue ensemble is great for autumn. Blazers make for good fall outwear choices, because they're not as heavy as a jacket if it's a little warmer of a day. And these wide-legged trousers are a fun change from Kate's usual skinny jeans. Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with new trends and styles just like this.

  • Accessorize With Scarves

    Kate Middleton in a tartan coat dress and green scarf
    Mark Cuthbert/Contributor/Getty Images

    Kate has all the best fall accessories on here: a scarf, gloves, and tights. She knows how to keep it cozy and chic, and scarves will never go out of style. Kate's choice of bright green for hers was smart because it pops as an accessory and doubles as a way to keep warm.

  • New Take on the LBD

    Kate Middleton in a black velvet dress
    AFP Contributor/Contributor/Getty Images

    Everyone needs a little black cocktail dress, and getting one in velvet is a great idea for fall. Textured fabrics are so in this time of year, and velvet always looks so stylish. Kate paired her outfit with a sparkly clutch for a little extra pre-holiday season pizzazz. 

  • Perfect Puffer

    Kate Middleton in a red puffer jacket and black turtleneck
    Aaron Chown - PA Images/Contributor/Getty Images

    Puffer coats are so in right now, but Kate's actually been donning the style for a while. (She's a trendsetter, what can we say?) This bright red jacket is a perfect autumn color just like the changing leaves, and it will keep her warm during any crisp-aired outdoor activities. She wore this look to a soccer event. 

  • Fabulous in Faux Fur

    Kate Middleton wearing a fur coat and Princess Charlotte on Christmas
    Danny Martindale/Contributor/Getty Images

    Technically, Kate wore this look to a Christmas outing, but it's a great illustration of a fall outfit. The rich burgundy color is so trendy for autumn, and the faux fur color doubles as extra warmth for cold days and a pop of style. Plus, we're living for how Kate matched her handbag to Princess Charlotte's tights. 

  • Scalloped Sweater

    Kate Middleton in green pants and a purple sweater
    Mark Cuthbert/Contributor/Getty Images

    Sweaters are a fall must-have clothing item, and Kate wore a really fun one with these olive pants. The sweater has a scalloped neckline and a cutout pattern so it provides warmth but not too much -- since some fall days are warmer than others.

  • All Caped Up

    Kate Middleton in a blue coat dress with a cape
    Samir Hussein/Contributor/Getty Images

    Kate loves her coats, and this one has a fun cape for a little extra warmth through the shoulders. It can also keep the clothes underneath it dry (what even is the weather doing these days?) since it can unbutton from the rest of the outfit.

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