Kylie Jenner's First Photo From Her 'Playboy' Shoot With Travis Scott Is Just WOW

Kylie Jenner

Following in big sister Kim Kardashian's footsteps! It's happening, y'all -- Kylie Jenner is stripping down for Playboy. And in a new post she shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Kylie showed off the first photo from her shoot with Travis Scott ... and yes, she is completely naked. 

The scandal! 

  • Ready for the photo? Here's Kylie, in her birthday suit, with Travis, who's wearing jeans and jeans only.

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    When Houston meets LA .. 💛 @playboy #ComingSoon

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    Um, how good does this lady look?! She might be nude, but this is a totally tasteful picture -- even though we can't imagine which circumstances would have her outside with the sun shining on her booty like this if not for Playboy.

    "When Houston meets LA," Kylie wrote, adding that her Playboy issue is "coming soon." 

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  • This week, Playboy announced Kylie and Travis will be featured in its Pleasure Issue.

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    In 🔗

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    The magazine even shared a closeup on Instagram showing one of the other photos from the shoot, and yup -- looks like these are gonna be some seriously hot photos. 

    Oh, and Playboy confirmed Kylie will be on the cover, and that Travis was the creative director for the shoot. Yeah, we're gonna need to see what the two of them came up with! 

  • Kylie's followers are speechless ... including her own family members. 

    We couldn't help but LOL at the multiple comments from Khloe -- this isn't even all of them! But we have to agree with her. Our only thoughts on this are: "Wow." 

    Not only does Kylie look amazing in the photos we've seen so far, but she's also got some serious confidence to strip down in front of the camera like that. Is there anything that this lady can't do?! 

  • If anyone needs us, we'll be here, waiting for the rest of the photos to come out. 

    The Pleasure Issue is set to drop next week, so we'll get to see it all very soon. 

    The haters can say what they want about Kylie, but no one can deny that this shoot is going to be gorgeous if it's anything like these photos. We can't wait to see!