20 Celebrities Who Secretly Dated Without Us Knowing

Martha Sorren | Sep 9, 2019 Celebrities
20 Celebrities Who Secretly Dated Without Us Knowing
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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS

Celebrities are nearly always in the spotlight. When they're not on red carpets or press events for their jobs, they're often being watched in other ways. Thanks to fans with smartphones, paparazzi cameras, and even the celebs' own admissions on social media, people usually know what their fave stars are up to at all times. That includes the moments where they're just coming home from the gym, taking out their garbage cans, or showing up at the airport for a flight. The public is pretty much always watching. That's why it's almost miraculous that some celebrities can hide their relationships and secretly date -- or secretly marry and secretly have kids -- without anyone noticing and spilling the details to the tabloids.

It's hard to blame stars for wanting to keep their love lives and family updates a secret. We've all seen what happens to Jennifer Aniston almost daily on tabloid covers with splashy headlines that track her every relationship update (or non-update), seemingly berating her for being single and not having kids.

Who would want to subject their significant other to that kind of constant paparazzi and the gossip mill -- especially when celebs already have to hand over so much of their privacy as it is?

Still, it's beyond impressive when two celebrities can date without people knowing, or even just resist the urge to share photos online or answer interview questions on the subject. But if our lives were also in the spotlight constantly, we'd likely want to do the same. We've rounded up a list of 20 celebrity couples who kept their love under wraps even when they were being watched by the world.

  • Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
    Kevin Tachman/MG19/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

    In August 2019, news broke Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx called it quits a few months earlier, in May. Just as their six-year romance was kept largely under wraps, even their breakup went unnoticed for a while. During the time they dated, they made only a handful of appearances together, and they kept those times low-profile. 

    For example, the couple arrived separately for a pre-Grammys gala in 2018 before sitting together at the same table. The duo had only just made their first public appearance in six years at the Met Gala in May, shortly before their breakup.

  • Ashley Benson & Cara Delevingne 

    Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne
    Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

    The Pretty Little Liars star and the model dated for a year before going public with their relationship in June, reports Insider. Cara Delevingne recently told Elle UK that her relationships are "sacred," which is why she doesn't want to share too much.

    "I get why people care so much, and I don't want to be so secretive that people think I'm ashamed of anything," she said. "But I've never been in a relationship where things are so public, or where I posted pictures of someone else."

  • Shay Mitchell & Matte Babel


    Ashley Benson's Pretty Little Liars co-star, Shay Mitchell, had a secret relationship of her own. Mitchell began hanging out with beau Matte Babel in 2017, and their relationship went undetected by the media for several months, according to Bustle. Still, the couple kept their relationship private for another two years until June, when Mitchell also announced via a YouTube video that she was six-months pregnant

    Now that's a big secret to keep.

  • Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn

    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn
    Hewitt/Splash News

    According to People magazine, the diary entries that came with Swift's new album Lover revealed that she and Alwyn began dating in 2016, seeing each in secret for months before anyone found out. To this day, Swift keeps a tight lid on the relationship, rarely stepping into public with Alwyn and never talking about him. 

    She recently told The Guardian that her relationship with Alwyn "isn't up for discussion." She added, "That's where the boundary is, and that's where my life has become manageable. I really want to keep it feeling manageable."

  • Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
    Splash News

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been together for  about eight years and have two children, but they hardly ever talk about their relationship. E! News reports Gosling never even says Mendes' name when he does mention her. In awards speeches or interviews, he'll usually refer to her as "my lady" or "sweetheart."

  • Jeannie Mai & Jeezy


    After quietly dating for a year, Jeannie and rapper Jeezy just confirmed their relationship in September 2019 by posting Instagram photos of themselves together. The move came a week after People broke the news that they'd been dating in secret for several months.

  • Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

    Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig
    Splash News

    The Guardian reports that in 2011, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig married in secret with just four people at the ceremony. They've quietly stayed together ever since and welcomed a baby girl back in 2018.

  • Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
    Splash News

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are always in the spotlight, but they dated in secret for months before confirming their relationship with an engagement announcement in November 2017. According to the Daily Express, royal expert Omid Scobie reported that the duo kept their relationship private (and dealt with the long distance) by messaging each other online, with Prince Harry using a secret Instagram account.

  • Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart

    Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse
    ENT/Splash News
    These Riverdale stars reportedly began dating in secret likely some time in 2017, though they rarely make public appearances as a couple or share the details of their romance. (Fans currently aren't even sure if they're supposed to believe the rumors that they've broken up.) 

    Lili Reinhart told W magazine that it was Cole who pushed to keep things as secret as possible. "At first, I didn't want things private," Reinhart said. "Now that I'm X amount of years in, I do appreciate the privacy we have, that he's encouraged me to take. No one knows how long we've been together, and no one will until we're ready to say it. No one knows how we fell in love, except for our close friends and us. It's really special."
  • Beyoncé & Jay Z

    Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Splash News

    It's hard to believe the two were ever a secret, but Bey and Jay kept their romance private from the media for years before people figured it out. According to People magazine, they initially started dating around 2000, but the media didn't learn about their romance until 2004 when they went to the Video Music Awards together. They also pulled off a secret marriage ceremony in 2008 that no one knew about for months.

  • Matthew Perry & Lizzy Caplan

    Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan
    Splash News; Splash News

    Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan were so good at keeping their relationship a secret that no one even noticed when they broke up. Us Weekly reported that a source told the outlet the Friends star and his True Blood girlfriend split in 2012 after dating for six years. It took over a year for the break up to become news. "It happened a year and a half ago," the source told Us Weekly. "They haven't been together for a long time."

  • Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

    Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden
    Splash News

    According to E! News, after a seven-month engagement, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden married in secret. The ceremony took place only a month after she was first spotted with a diamond ring on her finger. That was all back in 2015, and while we didn't know these two were an item when they were secretly dating, we barely know how they're doing now as husband and wife.

    They're pretty private!

  • Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski

    Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski
    Brett D. Cove/Splash News

    Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski eloped in 2017, according to People magazine. The outlet reported that Sadoski later told James Corden on The Late Late Show that they just wanted an intimate ceremony. "We eloped. We just took off into the country with an officiant and, just the two of us, and we did our thing," he said.

  • Margot Robbie & Tom Ackerley

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    According to Elle magazine, Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley not only kept their romance a secret from fans and the media, but from their own roommates, too. Robbie told Elle that the duo had initially kept their romance private because they weren't sure how serious it was. "We kept it a secret. Because we weren't really taking it seriously," Robbie said. "'Oh, whatever, we're just mates, we're just mates.' And then… everyone found out."

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton

    Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    Splash News

    Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and One Tree Hill alum Hilarie Burton are so good at keeping their relationship private. According to E! News, Burton went through her whole pregnancy and birth of their son in 2010 before anyone even found out she was pregnant.

  • Kelly Clarkson & Justin Guarini

    Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini
    Splash News
    Fans long speculated that American Idol stars Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini had dated, but Clarkson only confirmed as much in 2015 on Watch What Happens Live, according to the New York Daily News.

    "We did date," the singer revealed. "I think any two people who were thrown together that much, I mean guy, girl, you put 'Timeless,' that song from From Justin to Kelly, you can't fight it!" 

  • Alexis Bledel & Vincent Kartheiser

    Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser
    Splash News

    According to People magazine, the two Mad Men stars met on the show in 2012, but they've kept their romance and family life private ever since. The outlet reports that Bledel even gave birth to a baby boy in the fall of 2015, but kept the news secret from the media for months.

  • Dave Franco & Alison Brie

    Dave Franco and Alison Brie
    Splash News

    This adorable Hollywood couple tied the knot in 2017 in a secret ceremony. It came on the heels of their two-year engagement, which they'd also kept private. Perhaps it helps that Dave is the lesser known of the Franco brothers.

  • Javier Bardem & Penélope Cruz

    Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz
    Splash News

    The actors have always been private about their relationship -- especially so when it came to getting married. The Telegraph reported in 2010 that Javier and Penelope had a secret wedding in the Bahamas surrounded by only family.

  • Jesse Plemons & Kirsten Dunst

    Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst
    Zuma/Splash News

    The two met in 2015 while filming Fargo and began dating soon after. Kirsten and Jesse kept the details of their romance private -- so much so that Kirsten didn't even reveal she was pregnant with their child until she was eight months along. 

    Last month, the two sparked rumors that they may have secretly gotten married, because Plemons referred to Dunst as his "wife" during a speech at her Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling.

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