Kate Middleton's School-Run Look Is So Perfect, No One Will Shut Up About It

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kate middleton
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A few years ago, when it was Prince George's first day of school at Thomas's Battersea, a wicked case of morning sickness kept Kate Middleton from doing drop-off (shout out to Prince Louis). This year, though, the Duchess of Cambridge was there for Princess Charlotte's first day at the fancy preschool -- and it was a time. Despite it being a momentous occasion for Princess Charlotte, all moms can seem to talk about is Kate's glammed-up school run look

What? You don't look like this at school drop-off?

  • The Cambridges did us the service of sharing a gorgeous photo of George and Charlotte's first day on their Instagram account. 

    And if you're confused as to whether or not this is a "first day of school" pic or a Tommy Hilfiger ad, you're not alone. The Cambridges all look flawless. 

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  • And, in what feels like an embarrassment of riches, William and Kate ALSO shared a video of George and Charlotte's drop-off. 

    Look at how shy Charlotte looks! So cute! And all the "How was your summer?" pleasantries -- it's like they're a regular family. 

    Except not at all.

  • Despite the overall adorableness of everything, moms everywhere are honing in on Kate's super glam look -- because obviously most people don't look like this at drop-off. 

    Even though Kate wore a $265 Michael Kors dress she's already worn, parents can't seem to get over how put-together the mom of three looks. 

    "This is pretty much me at every preschool drop off," one fan wrote. "Kate totes stole my look."

  • Another woman echoed the above by saying "just how I looked on the school run this morning."

    We're guessing she's being sarcastic. 

  • Another royal fan couldn't get over how "beautifully elegant" Kate looked. 

    "I wish I looked like this doing the nursery run," she said. "Instead I look like I've just been dug up, sporting half a bottle of dry shampoo on my hair ..."

  • One person felt "awfully underdressed for school drop off" after seeing the photo of Kate. 

    Don't we all?!

  • And finally, one woman couldn't get over Kate's "bouncy blowdry."

    "Oh, to look that good on a school run!" she remarked. 

  • While Kate's look might feel a little "extra" to some, let's not forget -- she's a member of the royal family. She's got an image to uphold. 

    kate middleton
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    It would be a little weird if we saw Kate running up in sweatpants and a bun, half-drunk coffee sloshing around in a "World's Okayest Mom" mug. 

    OK, fine, and it would be awesome. 

    Kate, we're here for your glam school-run look. It's inspiring. Maybe tomorrow we'll even put on a bra before dropping off the kids at school.