Jon Gosselin's Rare Pic of His Brother Has Fans Hot ... Very Hot

Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Brooke Lewis and Mark Bellas

Jon Gosselin
Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Brooke Lewis and Mark Bellas

Hellllloooo, hot brother. Just when we thought Chris and Liam Hemsworth were two of the hottest celebrity siblings on the block, here comes this duo. Yes, they're not as popular, but that doesn't mean these two aren't handsome. Case in point: Jon Gosselin's rare photo of his brother has his followers hot and curious if the former reality star dad's bro is single.

  • Jon took to Instagram to post a selfie in honor of his brother's special day.

    "Happy 50th bday to my brother Tom!!! I know we don't age, hahaha," Jon Gosselin wrote.

    There's definitely a family resemblance (eyebrows, eyes, noses, smiles), though we do see some obvious differences -- outside of Tom lacking in the hair department.
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  • It's clear all eyes are on Tom as Jon's followers can't help but comment about his bro.

    Instagram comments

    Even though we wouldn't say these two look like twins, they're definitely "hot brothers" for sure. Jon has definitely grown on us since his days on Jon & Kate Plus 8. Although he's not Jason Momoa fine to us, he's still cute and gets a nod.

  • And how "handsome" he is.

    Instagram comments

    Folks are really crushing on Tom -- to the point of inquiring whether or not he's single (LOL). He is pretty cute and has a nice aura about himself.

    Wonder if he has eight kids like his brother.

  • Feel free to share more photos of Tom, Jon.

    We definitely won't complain!

    (Sidenote: It might be good to answer to questions about him being single. Some inquiring minds would like to know.)