Miranda Lambert Makes an On-Stage Confession About Husband Brendan McLoughlin

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Brendan McLoughlin, Miranda Lambert
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So much about Miranda Lambert's marriage to Brendan McLoughlin is still a mystery, but one thing's for sure -- he's keeping her smiling. During a concert in Atlantic City over the weekend, Miranda shouted out Brendan on stage, crediting him with making it so she's not sad anymore. 

We wonder what this says about her marriage to ex Blake Shelton.

  • Before Miranda sang her song 'Tin Man,' she said she's no longer "in a sad time" in her life. 

    Miranda Lambert, Brendan McLoughlin
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    "Tin Man" is a heartbreaking song about telling the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz that he shouldn't be jealous of people who have human hearts because they break -- but it doesn't sound like this is something Miranda can relate to much these days.

    “Lucky for me, I’m not in a sad time anymore in my life, thank you to my sweet husband -- from Staten Island, by the way!” Miranda told the crowd, according to People. “So even though I’m not sad anymore thanks to Brendan, my husband, I still love a sad country song with all my heart, so I’m going to sing a sad one if you want to get sad with me."

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  • Does this mean she was sad before him -- as in, while she was married to Blake? 

    Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton
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    Of course, divorces are always incredibly difficult, so we can't blame her for feeling sad if she did -- but we also can't help but think this might have been a not-so-subtle dig at Blake. After all, it's not like they've avoided throwing shade at each other in the years since their split.

    And obviously, it seems as if Brendan might be a much better match for her anyway, so everything ended up exactly how it was supposed to.

  • Miranda announced she and Brendan had gotten hitched in February, and the news was totally unexpected. 

    After all, fans had no idea she was seeing anyone, let alone married! Since then, she's remained pretty quiet about their marriage, but here and there, she'll share a photo on Instagram or a few sweet words about him with fans, like she did at her concert over the weekend.

    Miranda and Brendan's marriage definitely came out of left field, but so far, it looks like it's going great -- even though they're still less than a year in.

  • Miranda and Brendan seem so happy together, and we hope that never changes.

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    Miranda should never stop singing all her amazing sad songs, but we want her actual life to be filled with happy moments like the ones she's been having this year. 

    Now, we're just gonna need more photos of this couple in action. Please!