Jenna Dewan Documents Daytime Date With New Boyfriend

ENT/Splash News

Jenna Dewan
ENT/Splash News

It looks like one of Hollywood's newest couples (well, new-ish) are enjoying life -- and some fresh produce. Recently, Jenna Dewan documented her daytime date with her new man, proving these two are just adorable as they want to be.

(They might just be our faves right now.)

  • Jenna took to Instagram Stories to share a recent outing to the farmers market with her main squeeze.

    Steve Kazee was obviously ready to go with a farmers market bag that shows just how down for the cause he really is. The more we see of Steve, the bigger our smiles get as he genuinely seems like a cool dude.

    ... and kin to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    (They really look alike.)

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  • We even got a glimpse ... ish of her daughter, Everly.

    Jenna and Channing Tatum's daughter doesn't often make appearances on either of their socials, so we'll happily take whatever we can get of the adorable little one.

    (Sidenote: We're really jonesing for a rainbow snowball right about now!)

  • Although we don't know if their shopping excursion was a success, it seems Jenna turning Steve into a Shawn Mendes fan was.

    Jenna Dewan boyfriend Steve Kazee
    jennadewan/Instagram Stories

    Sadly, we do not have the video of Steve singing one of Shawn's songs, but please trust us when we say this man has an ah-may-zing voice.

    ... and then some!

  • Looked like a fun day!

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    Jackson Hole Prom 2019

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    It's great to see Jenna and Steve together. Even though we don't know what lies ahead with their relationship, these two are living in the moment, and that's all one can really ask for.

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