20 Celebrities Dominating the Tie-Dye Fashion Trend

20 Celebrities Dominating the Tie-Dye Fashion Trend
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Taylor Swift
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Over the years, we've seen a lot of fashion trends come and go, especially when it comes to celebrity style. But just in case anyone thought the tie-dye trend was a thing of the past, think again. It's back, and it seems like it's bigger than ever. In the past, when we thought about tie-dye, we thought about doing crafts at summer camp and the '60s. But that's all changing. This fun, bright pattern is back, and so many stars have been wearing it (especially during the summer months), and we're loving every minute of this fad.

So many stars have been taking advantage of the major moment that tie-dye is having. Of course, Taylor Swift is a big one. She's turned the dreamy, pastel type of tie-dye into the color scheme of her latest album. Other stars are hopping on board, too -- like Cardi B, Hailey Baldwin, and Kylie Jenner. There's so much variety in these looks, too -- the pattern can be worn for a day running errands, or a formal evening, and somehow, it just works.

Not to mention the fact that tie-dye allows us to spill drinks and food on ourselves without anyone noticing ... but that's just a fringe benefit. 

Us Weekly rounded up some of its favorite celebrity tie-dye looks, and we can't get enough. Summer might be almost over, but we have a feeling this trend is here to stay ... and these stars are giving us massive fashion inspiration. 

Read on for all the tie-dye style Hollywood's been sporting recently. T-shirts, dresses, jumpsuits -- even formal gowns. This trend is everywhere, and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Long live all this tie-dye!