Joy-Anna Duggar's Home Tour Reveals She's Been Living In a Fifth Wheel Camper


Austin Forsyth, Joy-Anna Duggar

We've been wondering what Joy-Anna Duggar's living situation is these days, and now, we finally have an answer. Earlier this week, Joy revealed she's living in a fifth wheel trailer with husband Austin Forsyth and their son, Gideon, and believe it or not, it's gorgeous

Seriously -- can we move in? 

  • Joy shared a video on Instagram, letting fans know that they're still building homes to sell, and in the meantime, they're hanging out in their RV.

    "I think it's pretty cool," she said. "It's a 32 foot long camper. It has three slide-outs. It fits our family great. We've been living in it for nine months to a year, and I love it. It's hard sometimes because you don't have the bigger kitchen or space, but it works great. Perfect space for us." 

    There are only three of them -- and the third member of their family is pretty tiny. So if it works for Joy, it sounds like a pretty good deal. Not to mention the money they're saving! 

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  • Joy went on to show off photos of the inside, and OMG. It's gorgeous! 

    This decor is beautiful, and we're definitely getting Fixer Upper vibes here. We wonder if big sis Jana Duggar helped her fix the place up? 

    It's so pretty and looks like it gets so much light -- but knowing Joy and Austin and how awesome their flipped homes look, we're not surprised at all. If anyone could turn a camper into a beautiful long-term living space, it's those two.

  • The kitchen is small, like she said, but looks livable.

    It's gotta be a challenge to work with so little counter space, but at least Joy's just cooking for three ... not her 18 brothers and sisters, like her mom would have had to. 

    And it's cozy!

  • Then, there's the bedroom: 

    It's pretty small, but it looks as if they're making the most of the space they have, which is pretty impressive. And if they ask us, that bed looks like the perfect size for cuddling.

    All in all, it's a beautiful space.

  • And another view: 

    Yes, the sink and shower are both in the bedroom, but that's actually pretty convenient -- especially for keeping Gideon close by while Joy showers or needs to get things done. He's never far away! 

    And best of all, they can literally roll out of bed and into the shower. Goals! 

  • Their home is adorable, and we can't wait to see more pics. 

    Fingers crossed she'll do a video tour or something soon ... or at least show us how she managed to make the inside of this camper look so amazing.

    Well done, Joy. Maybe if she gets tired of flipping houses, she can start flipping campers?! Just an idea!