Jenna Dewan's 'Prom' Pic With Her Boyfriend Has Fans Missing Channing

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Jenna Dewan
Rachel Luna/FilmMagic/Getty Images

As much as we love rooting for new Hollywood romances (heaven knows they need some prayers as maintaining a relationship in Tinseltown has got to be hard), it looks like people still can't let go of the past. Case in point: Jenna Dewan's "prom" pic of her new boyfriend is all sorts of adorable and wonderful and cute. Sadly, folks still have a tough time adjusting to her being with Steve Kazee instead of Channing Tatum and are chiming in with their two cents.

  • Jenna recently hit up Instagram to share a photo of herself with Steve in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

    "Jackson Hole Prom 2019," the celeb mom wrote in her post.

    Jenna and Steve are truly one of the most adorable couples around. Sidenote: Does Steve give anyone else Jeffrey Dean Morgan vibes? They might want to check their family tree (just saying).
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  • Welp, some of Jenna's followers love the "prom" snap and seeing these two live their best lives.

    "Gorgeous you two!" one commenter writes with a heart emoji.

    "You look so happy," another mentions.

    Jenna definitely looks happy with Steve as their joy is undeniable in their photos. The pair first made headlines almost a year ago when one of the first photos of Jenna with Steve surfaced in October. As it turns out, the pair had reportedly been dating a couple months prior, so it's likely they're celebrating their first anniversary soon if they haven't already.

  • Others, however, can't stop talking about Channing Tatum and why Jenna should've stayed with him.

    "This makes me sad :((((," a commenter mentioned about seeing Jenna with Steve instead of Channing.

    "She should have stayed with Channing [,] this guy is a big nooooo but to each their own [.] I just think she is way to[o] pretty for this guy," a critic wrote.

    "Did she [sic] divorce just to get a new boyfriend? Just asking," another added. "I miss Chenna."

    "Are you insane?????? Look at him and then look at Channing's pic ... oh girl!!!!" one commenter chimed in. "You give up red apple and take dirt???? Wow."

  • Y'all need to let this go and move on.

    Jenna and Channing called it quits last year. Both parties have moved on and are happy in their new relationships. (Shout-out to Jessie J.) It's really disrespectful to be talking about Steve -- or anyone's love interest -- like this. He's done nothing wrong, except give his heart to Jenna.

    Just let these two be.

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