20 Times Prince William Broke Royal Character

20 Times Prince William Broke Royal Character
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Because he's likely the future King of England, it's understandable that Prince William usually acts, y'know, professional for lack of a better word. Sure, he's always willing to crack a joke or get down on the level of his tiniest well-wishers, but for the most part, the Duke of Cambridge always acts very ... kingly. 

Well, most of the time. 

On a few occasions, we've totally seen Prince William break royal character -- and we've loved every minute of it. 

Sure, he was raised in a palace, speaks a zillion languages, and has been all over the world twice, but underneath it all, Prince William is just a regular dude. And once in a while when he's out in public, we've seen that side of him -- even if it's only been for a split second. 

Don't think we haven't noticed, though, Wills! 

From the times he's cracked up in hysterics to the times he's busted out in an impromptu dance to the times he's running after a naughty Prince George (Oh! And the time we saw the sheer glee in his face over Star Wars!), here are 20 times we've seen the Duke of Cambridge break his semi-stoic royal character. 

He's certainly fit to eventually be the King of England, but dude is just a dude. 

Well, sort of. 

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