Jessa Duggar Has 'Counting On' Fans Seriously Concerned With Suspicious Social Media Behavior

Jessa Duggar

Something is definitely up with Jessa (Duggar) Seewald these days, and fans are starting to worry there may be more going on than just being busy raising three kids under 4. She's been MIA on Instagram for over a month, which is unusual for her, and thanks to a new post on the family's main account, some Counting On fans think they may be trying to cover up something about her. 

  • The Duggar family shared this sweet pic of Ben Seewald with Spurgeon on a carousal. 

    They added the caption, "Love these guys! Ben, you are such a wonderful dad to Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy!" Jessa gave birth to the couple's third child in May, a baby girl they named Ivy Jane. She joined big brothers Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 2, and after posting a plethora of pictures of the new baby, Jessa has gone suspiciously MIA on social media. 

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  • In the comments section, fans expressed concern over Jessa, and the family officially replied.

    When a fan said she hoped "everything is ok with Jessa," the family responded, "She's doing great! Busy taking care of her little ones!" and added a smiley face emoji. It's a valid answer, but some fans still think it's pretty suspicious, especially given the family's tendency to not interact with fans on social media.

  • Although Jessa herself will often respond to questions on Instagram, the Duggar family's account typically does not.

    A fan on a Duggar subreddit commented on it, saying, "The fact that the Duggars replied to the question now makes me think maybe there is something wrong with Jessa," and another replied, "It is out of the ordinary for the family account to reply. I wonder if she's in some kind of medical crisis, other than mental health."

    Another person wrote, "I wonder if she doesn't have postpartum depression. She just had another birth where she ended up at the hospital. Or maybe the show is taking a different direction and she is not going to be on it very much anymore after this."

  • We really hope Jessa is just busy with her littles and not struggling with postpartum issues -- mental or physical.

    She did have to be rushed to the hospital after baby Ivy's unplanned home birth, and although it seemed she was physically OK, it's possible it took a toll on her mental health. Or maybe everyone is reading way too much into this and she's just tired of being trolled on social media by people with nothing better to do than criticize her kids' bare feet

    Whatever the reason, we hope Jessa is surviving three little kids at home!