Kate Middleton's Secret Hideaway for Her Kids Sounds Magical

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Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte
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It has to be really hard for Kate Middleton to take her kids out to play -- being that they're royal and all cameras are on them at all times -- but apparently, she's found a pretty sweet solution. It sounds like the Duchess of Cambridge takes George, Charlotte, and Louis to a secret hideaway to hang out, and if we had the same option, we'd be there all the time, too. 

  • According to Hello!, Will and Kate belong to a private club with some seriously impressive amenities. 

    Prince George, Princess Charlotte
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    The site reports that The Hurlingham Club costs 1,280 pounds per year -- about $1,555 -- for membership. A source said that Kate's been spending most of the summer there with her kids.

    "She takes all the kids," the insider said. "There's a gorgeous playground they all love, and George and Charlotte have tennis lessons. They all pile into the clubhouse afterwards for lunch or tea and they're never bothered, they're just like any normal family. They all seem to really love it there."

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  • Best of all, the club is only 25 minutes from Kensington Palace.

    Who can beat that? Privacy so that Kate and the kids can relax, and it's a short drive from home? Sounds like a pretty sweet setup to us. 

    For kids, there's a toddler zone, a water playground, a regular playground, and a log cabin that families can use -- sounds pretty perfect to us! And for the adults, there's plenty of room to play various sports ... including a whopping 15 tennis courts. Will and Kate's kids are so lucky! 

  • But anyone who wants to join, hoping to run into Kate and the kids ... we have some bad news.

    There's a wait list for the club right now, because it's popular. With all of the things to do and the privacy it offers, we're not surprised.

    We're just glad that Kate, Charlotte, George, and Louis have somewhere they can go to unwind without all the pressure. Being a royal isn't easy! 

  • And if Kate ever wants to throw us an invite, we'll totally take her up on it. 

    Prince Charlotte, Kate Middleton
    Splash News

    That log cabin looks so dreamy, and we can only imagine the celebrities we could spot in an afternoon at Hurlingham. 

    But in all seriousness, we love that they have this escape. Kids need to be kids -- even royal ones.