Kylie Jenner's Latest Video From Her European Vacation Has Fans Convinced She's Pregnant

Kylie Jenner Baby

Is it even a day ending in "Y" if no one suspects that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with baby No. 2? Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans think they know what's up after Kylie's latest post from her European birthday vacation tour, and that it's a subtle pregnancy announcement.

  • Kylie posted a video of her butterfly manicure on Instagram on Thursday, August 15.

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    She only captioned the video with a butterfly and heart emojis, but it was enough to get people speculating that she is expecting again.

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  • The speculation comes from an Instagram post Kylie made while she was secretly pregnant with Stormi.

    She captioned this photo from November 2017, "Shoot day," and fans immediately suspected that she was doing a maternity shoot, and pregnant with a girl. Turns out that was exactly right, and now Kylie can't ever post a manicure picture without people wondering if she's pregnant. 

  • Somehow, we highly doubt Kylie is currently pregnant.

    Considering the number of bikini selfies she's posted in the last week or while sailing around the Mediterranean on a $250 million yacht ... we're just saying, she doesn't look pregnant. She also posted some videos jumping off said yacht into the water below, and we're pretty sure that is a big pregnancy no-no. 

  • Can we talk about what we really want to know, though?

    Inquiring minds want to know.