Lawson Bates Just Left a Flirty Comment on Jana Duggar's Instagram & Fans Are Freaking Out

Jana Duggar

If there's one thing Counting On fans have been hoping for for years, it's a Duggar-Bates wedding. The longtime family friends each have their own reality shows (Bringing Up Bates airs on Up TV), have 19 children in the immediate family, and share a similar religious background. Fans have been stanning a courtship between Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates for what seems like ever, and considering the semi-flirty comment he just left on her Instagram page, it's only adding fuel to the fire. 

  • Jana shared a few photos from a festival in her hometown in Arkansas.

    She captioned it, "Stopped by the Tontitown Grape Festival! Spent $5 on a game I never had a chance of winning, but memories are priceless!" and added the hash tag  #smalltowngirl.

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  • Lawson commented on her post that she's "Doin life right."

    Why would he even comment unless he wanted people to think he has a thing for her?

  • Just last month, fans were wondering if Lawson was traveling to Arkansas to visit Jana. 

    When Lawson shared some photos from Arkansas on social media in July, a fan on Reddit commented, "This is one of several recent flights there. Could be he's just doing some flight hours for his license, but courtship is always a possibility." Another person added, "Can he and Jana please just court already so he can get more of the spotlight he so DESPERATELY craves OMG."

  • And yup, you can bet that fans went nuts over Lawson's comment.

    Could they just get together already??

  • We're betting fans would have a meltdown if they actually announced they were courting.

    We bet they'd even get their own spinoff show. Jana could open a home goods and gardening store, with a recording studio for Lawson, of course. 

  • Seriously, fans are here for it. 

  • OK, so it was probably just a friendly comment -- nothing more and nothing less. They are close family friends, after all. We're wondering if Jana will reply at all though ... last January, Lawson commented on one of her posts, and there was so much gossip that she actually commented, "No we're not a thing."

    We guess time will tell.