Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo Accused of Animal Abuse Over New Photo of Felicity

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo

Is it just us, or have Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo truly been living their best lives since they made the big move out to California? And now, their daughter, Felicity, is getting in on the action -- but fans aren't happy. Jeremy shared a photo of Felicity eating ribs, and the vegan police are out in force

  • In the pic, Felicity's chowing down on some ribs ... with the help of her parents.

    Pretty cute, right? Not everyone agreed, because a lot of people seem to be upset that Jinger and Jeremy are feeding Felicity meat, even though neither of them have ever claimed to be vegetarians themselves. If her mom and dad eat meat, doesn't it make sense that Felicity would, too? At least until she was old enough to object, if she chooses to do so.

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  • Jeremy's post was met with a good bit of vitriol in the comments.

    Welp, that's graphic. Tell us how you really feel... 

    (And to be honest, we really doubt that Jeremy imagined or wanted a living creature to be hurt for the express purpose of posting a photo of Felicity on Instagram.)

  • Others demanded to know if Jeremy will teach Felicity to be kind to animals.

    We don't doubt that he will. We know many people believe that it's impossible to be kind to animals and eat meat, but it's not the way everyone thinks -- and it doesn't seem like that's the stance Jeremy and Jinger have themselves.

  • Plenty of others just took the photo at face value, though.

    Felicity does look cute (we will never be able to get over those eyes!) and we have noticed that she's willing to eat just about anything her parents offer her, which is rare for a baby. Seems like they ended up with a little one who has adventurous tastes! 

    And considering the fact that Jer and Jinger are both foodies themselves, it's a good thing! 

  • No matter what her dad's followers might say, Felicity remains unbothered.

    The choice to eat meat or not is a personal one, and the Vuolos have made it clear which choice they've made. 

    Let's let this girl live. Regardless of what people think, we have a feeling she'll be back for more ribs.