20 Times Meghan Markle Was Comfortable in Her Royal Role

20 Times Meghan Markle Was Comfortable in Her Royal Role
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Most people in the world would be kind of nervous -- actually, make that paralyzingly terrified -- to become part of the British royal family. Never mind the whole "having to impress the Queen of England" thing, there's never a moment's peace for those who join the royal family! All eyes are on them all the time. It's kind of a lot of pressure. 

Well, pressure for some

For Meghan Markle, it's evidently a walk in the park. 

When Kate Middleton first got engaged to Prince William, it was obvious she was a little anxious. And who could blame her? Sure, she was getting married to the love of her life, but she was doing it in front of millions of people -- and that was only the beginning!

Over time, the Duchess of Cambridge has seemed to get more comfortable in her role, but it's taken her eight years to get to this point! (That's almost a decade!) As for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex? Let's be honest here: The woman has been comfortable from day one. And we're seriously impressed by that. 

She only married Prince Harry a little over a year ago, but to be frank, it feels like she's been in the royal family forever. With her confidence, intelligence, and the overall way she carries herself, it's safe to say Meghan was born for this role. 

Here are 20 times the duchess proved she was owning the whole royal thing. 

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