Matt Roloff's Latest Photo With Girlfriend Caryn Has Fans Buzzing

Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler

After more than two years of dating, Little People, Big World fans still aren't sure what to make of Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler. Even though some are totally supportive of how happy Matt's been, others aren't fans of the relationship, and it definitely shows in Matt's Instagram comments. Earlier this week, Matt shared a new photo with Caryn, and people are having very mixed feelings about it.

  • In the photo, Matt and Caryn posed for a photo while hanging out in Bend, Oregon.

    Seems like a sweet photo, and Matt and Caryn definitely look happy together -- but then again, they always do. 

    And although some fans love seeing an update on this couple, others -- not so much.

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  • Many fans made their disapproval of Caryn and Matt's relationship known.

    We get not being a fan of the couple -- especially for those who believe that something was going on between them before Matt and Amy got a divorce -- but essentially calling Caryn a gold digger is a bit much.

    After so many years on TV, it's easy to feel like we know Matt ... but should fans actually be worried about him?

  • Others were super supportive of Matt's relationship. 

    And fortunately, there were a lot of comments like these, too. If Matt looks at his comments, we really hope he sees these instead of the rude ones. Social media can be rough for a reality star, after all. 

    Besides, considering that Matt stands up for Amy when she gets hate online, it's probably safe to say that they're on better terms these days. If they're both moving on, why can't people be happy for them?

  • Let's just let these two live ... despite all the opinions.

    We will probably always be bummed about the way things went down with one of our favorite reality TV families, but these days, they really do seem like they're doing a lot better.

    And any time Matt and Caryn want to share updates on their relationship, we're all for it. Bring on those couple pics!