Kim Kardashian's Son Saint Is a Mini-Kanye West in Adorable New Pic

Kim Kardashian Son Saint

No paternity test needed here! Kim Kardashian just shared an adorable new photo of her 3-year-old son, Saint, on Instagram, and we seriously cannot get over how much he looks like Kanye West. Also, he has grown up so much he's basically a teenager now. What's next, his own solo album?

  • Kim shared this adorable picture of Saint giving a peace sign on Instagram on Wednesday.

    She added the caption, "This boy right here really lives up to his name!" and added an angel emoji. Of course that sparked lots of funny comments from people asking what his name is again, but multiple people pointed out the obvious -- he's totally Kanye's twin.

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  • Fans flocked to the comments to point out that Saint is pretty much "Baby Ye."

  • It's not the first time Kim has bragged on Saint for being a little sweetheart.

    The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared this one of Saint and his little brother, Psalm, last month. She added the caption, "Saint said he's gonna pretend to sleep with his brother. He always wants a pic to capture every moment. You have no idea how sweet my boys are!"

    He really is just like Kanye -- no one can deny how much he loves his kids and likes to gush over them.