Anna Duggar Gets Backlash for Sending Her Boys to 'Man Camp'

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar

We've known for a long time that the Duggar family's idea of gender roles doesn't exactly line up with the way most of us think, but this one is really throwing us for a loop. On Tuesday, Anna shared that she sent her boys to "man camp" in an Instagram post, and she is, of course, getting all kinds of backlash for it. 

Can't help but think she walked right into that one ... 

  • Anna shared the news with a few photos of her kids enjoying the week.

    "Our boys had a great get away last week at 'Man Camp' with Daddy, Grandpa (Pops) most of their Uncles and a ton of friends!" Anna wrote. "It’s been so fun to hear Michael and Marcus tell me stories of all the fun they had fishing, horseback riding, doing camp activities and playing 4 square late into the night." 

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  • Anna also added that they spent time learning about God, and that she's proud of the "little men" they're becoming.

    "These guys have grown up so fast and I’m so thankful for the treasure of being their mommy and watching them transitioning from boys to little men -- I love you guys so much!" she said. 

    It's really sweet that Michael and Marcus got this time to hang out with the men in their family ... but it's clear that Anna's daughters weren't invited, and her followers were upset about it. 

  • One fan pointed out that girls can absolutely do everything the boys did at camp: 

    Believe it or not, there are plenty of girls who do love to play outside and do outdoorsy stuff -- Joy-Anna Duggar used to be totally into that stuff when she was younger. It seems like Anna's girls would have had a good time at this camp too. What a bummer for them to have seen their brothers go have fun when they had to stay at home!

  • And another pointed out that the whole family could have participated.

    We get that father/son bonding is important, but so is father/daughter bonding. We just hope that happens too, because Anna's girls shouldn't miss out! 

    TBH, the whole family (including Anna) could have had a fun weekend at this camp together, and wouldn't that have been even better?

  • Others were in full support of "Man Camp." 

    Like we said before, father/son time is important -- we just hope the girls are getting the same opportunities, because everything the boys did looks like so much fun. Don't try to tell us Mackynzie wouldn't have had a blast riding horses! 

  • We ARE really happy to see that Marcus and Michael had a blast, though.

    Seeing the smiles on these little ones' faces is the best. It's been so much fun watching them grow up, and we love that they're getting to have experiences like these.

    Do their sisters deserve the same? Absolutely. Maybe a weekend at "Woman Camp" is in order?!