25 Times Meghan Markle Acted So American

Martha Sorren | Aug 26, 2019 Celebrities
25 Times Meghan Markle Acted So American
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Meghan Markle
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There's no denying that the cultural differences coming from both sides of the pond are definitely big enough to notice ... especially when the two merge. Our American princess Meghan Markle has been a part of the royal family for just over a year, but if we're being honest, she hasn't quite fully assimilated to British culture just yet. But we never really expected that. Sure, she has certain royal customs and protocols that she needs to get used to, but was anyone really expecting her to give up some of her American behavior completely? She may not live in the US anymore, but she's definitely not going to abandon her home country just like that.

Anything from how she speaks to the clothes that she wears, the Duchess of Sussex just can't seem to hide her American tendencies ... and she shouldn't have to! Being the only foreigner in one of the most famous families in the entire world might just be exactly what this world needs. Many have said Meghan's American nature and modern world views are a breath of fresh air within the royal family -- although not everyone is pleased about that. But well, can't win them all, right?

Over the course of her first years as a duchess, Miss Meghan Markle has been showing us that she's not willing to fully give up the land she comes from, and sometimes she just has to let her American slip out. She didn't grow up as a posh Brit, so we really can't expect her to completely change who she is, now can we? So, because she will probably always hold on to her home from across the pond, here are 25 times Meghan Markle was oh-so-American.

  • When She Wore This Post-Baby Outfit

    Meghan Markle
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    Now doesn't this just look like the most California cool-girl outfit for a post-baby mama? Meghan definitely went the more comfortable route for her outing with Archie and the Cambridges, and it's a far cry from the outfits Kate usually wears post-birth

  • Her A-Lister Baby Shower

    Meghan Markle
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    An American baby shower for an American gal? Meghan's very controversial (and very expensive) baby shower was filled with A-lister guests and friends, and it was definitely something that we would never see any other member of the royal family do.

  • Her Athleisure Look

    Meghan Markle
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    Meghan's travel clothes were definitely more on the American side of fashion. Sure, everyone does athleisure, but it's us Yankees who have perfected the art. And it looks like the duchess just couldn't resist slipping back into her pre-royal days.

  • She's Used to Big Budgets

    Meghan Markle
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    If her fashion expenses didn't tip us off, then cottage renovations definitely should have. It's not surprise that Meghan is used to having Hollywood-esque high budgets, but then again, the royal family doesn't exactly scale back either.

  • The Way She Captions Instagrams

    Meghan Markle
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    Now, we don't know for sure the the duchess is the one crafting the captions of the Sussex Royal Instagram account, but certain words tend to be spelled in the more American way versus the classic British way. So ... is it Meghan typing away?

  • Being Pals With Beyoncé

    Meghan Markle Beyonce Prince Harry
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    Beyoncé made her love of Meghan known when she posted an Instagram picture with a portrait of Meghan in the background, but their friendship solidified when they met on the red carpet of The Lion King. This is basically every American's dream.

  • When She Wore a Suit

    Meghan Markle
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    As we all know, this wasn't the first (or last) time Meghan wore a suit. A posh British lady would be far less likely to think of this as an appropriate outfit for an official royal event, but well, the duchess hails from the US. 

  • When She Was Apprehensive About a Nanny

    Meghan Markle
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    For a while, it was up in the air about whether or not Meghan was going to hire a royal nanny to help out with little Archie. The British (especially the royal family) are known for their in-home nannies, but Meghan's American maternal nature was undoubtedly a little apprehensive about it.

  • When She Wore Jeans to Wimbledon

    Meghan Markle
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    Sorry ... but no Brit would make this mistake! It's a pretty well-known fact that wearing denim to the Wimbledon tennis tournament is a big no-no, but well, the duchess did it anyway. Who was going to stop her, really?

  • When She Was Labeled As 'Extravagant'

    Meghan Markle
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    Meghan really just can't catch a break, and it seems that some in the royal world aren't fans of the duchess's American "extravagant" nature. Looks like Meghan might be a little too Hollywood for some people's liking, but whatever ... the naysayers are always going to try their best, right?

  • When She Served Avo Toast


    We all remember when Meghan hosted her own tea party, right? While the idea of afternoon tea is very (very) British, Meghan made sure to pay homage to her homeland by serving up some tasty avocado toast. Is there really anything more American than that?

  • When She Didn't Curtsy Correctly

    Meghan Markle
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    Meghan caught a lot of heat during the first few months of her marriage, and one of the things she supposedly did wrong was the royal curtsy. Honestly, how was she supposed to know? When was the last time an American had to curtsy for people??

  • When She Went Full Hollywood Glam

    Meghan Markle
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    Meghan really didn't hold back with this outfit. While her British counterparts tend to tone things down a bit, the duchess reached way back into her Hollywood fashion repertoire and came up with this sparkly number.

  • When She Apparently Worked Too Much

    Meghan Markle
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    Royal aids supposedly had a hard time adjusting to Meghan's American work ethic. The duchess apparently wakes up early and immediately goes in to action mode, and well, we have to admire her efforts!

  • When She Said 'Pleased To Meet You'

    Meghan Markle
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    Um Meghan ... how rude?? When greeting fans, Meghan apparently said, "Pleased to meet you" instead of "How do you do," which apparently is the equivalent of lifting your skirt in front of the queen. Talk about a royal learning curve, right?

  • When She Put American Women On The Cover Of British 'Vogue'


    Meghan guest-edited the September 2019 issue of British Vogue, where she highlighted several powerful women on the cover. Among them were American celebrities like Laverne Cox, Yara Shahidi, and Jane Fonda. Her choices didn't go down well with all the readers, but nothing Meghan does pleases everyone these days.

  • When She Didn't Wear a Hat

    Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II
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    Unlike in America, over in the UK, royal women wear hats to most formal occasions -- especially if the Queen will be there. Meghan seemingly broke protocol when she didn't wear a hat to an event with the Queen back in June 2018.

  • When She Contoured Like a Kardashian

    Meghan Markle on Christmas 2017
    Splash News

    Apparently, royal protocol calls for minimal makeup for a more natural look. But Meghan is from Los Angeles, land of the contour, and she hasn't given it up since becoming a member of the royal family. She looks great no matter what makeup she does or doesn't use.

  • When She Gave an Autograph

    Meghan Markle in Cardiff
    Splash News

    Hollywood habits die hard. Technically, royals aren't allowed to sign autographs in order to avoid their signatures being forged. But Meghan broke that rule in 2018 when she signed her name for a young girl. 

    She can't help that she's used to being a famous actress!

  • When She Planned to Celebrate Thanksgiving

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
    Splash News

    Thanksgiving is a decidedly American holiday, but Meghan hasn't given it up just because she lived in England now. Prince Harry and Meghan are reportedly taking six weeks off from November through Christmas to spend time in America. While there, they'll likely celebrate Thanksgiving with Meghan's mom Doria out in Los Angeles.

  • When She Shakes Hands Like an American

    Meghan Markle shaking a man's hand
    WPA Pool/Pool/Getty Images

    Meghan often shakes other people's hands with both of hers, which is apparently a more American way of greeting people. The Brits tend to just extend one hand, but the duchess likes to be a little more informal and warm when she meets people.

  • When She May Have Decided to Get a Second Home in the US

    Meghan Markle in a green dress
    Splash News

    Obviously Meghan and Harry's primary home is in Britain now, but there have been reports that the couple is considering buying an American getaway, too. Other royals may vacation in Scottish castles, but a California ranch-style house seems more fitting for this modern couple.

  • When She Used a Stroller Instead of a Pram

    Meghan Markle
    Splash News

    Instead of carting baby Archie around in an old-fashioned royal pram like Kate Middleton has with her children, Meghan reportedly opted for a popular Bugaboo stroller. The brand is a hit with American celebs, so maybe Meghan got the recommendation from some of her American A-list pals.

  • When She Was Still an American Citizen

    Meghan Markle speaking on a stage
    Splash News

    The British immigration process is so slow that Meghan is still an American citizen even though she's been living in the country for two years. At this rate, they better start the process for baby Archie's dual citizenship ASAP. He could be old enough to talk before it goes through.


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