Amy Duggar Shares the Special Way Her Late Grandmother Contributed to Her Maternity Photo Session

Amy Duggar, Mary Duggar

It's been a tough summer for Amy (Duggar) King, after losing her grandmother Mary Duggar in June. Amy often referred to Mary as her "best friend," and was looking forward to introducing her to her first son this fall. Amy recently posted a photo from her maternity session, and shared the special way her grandma was still connected to her and her pregnancy, even though she's not here anymore. 

  • Amy shared a photo from her maternity session on Instagram this week, and she looks amazing.

    Amy and her hubby Dillon King are expecting their first child this fall, four years after tying the knot. She shared on social media, "I'm so ready for this new amazing, challenging, messy and unbelievably beautiful chapter," and added that dress she's wearing has "special meaning."

    She explained that she had gone shopping in June, and had found the beautiful dress, but decided that it was too expensive. But of course when her mom and grandma came over for dinner the next night, they surprised her with the gift.

    She said, "To make a long story short... I had this dress in my closet for awhile. The month of June was devastating, July was hard and it's just taking time to adjust to this new life without her ... I knew I had a maternity shoot with Lou coming up and I wanted to wear this dress! I looked at the tag... and realized my Gma bought me an XS!!! Y'all, I squeezed, wiggled my way into this thing! 7 months pregnant and I'm darn proud of it! Haha! I just love the fact that even though she is no longer with us I have so many memories of her that I love sharing them with all of you!"

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  • Amy posted earlier this week about how hard it's been since her grandma died.

    "I remember countless conversations in this house... G'mas house.. on these steps.. and not one day has gone by that I don't miss her," she shared. She continued that Mary loved her baby boy's name, Dax Ryan, and she was "so excited about our little guy."

    She also said that being pregnant was helping, because she's an "emotional basket case." We can totally understand that -- pregnancy hormones are no joke. Amy mentioned the recent mass shootings, and said she's praying for everyone missing their beloved family members after these horrible tragedies, and reminded people to show some extra love to those close to them.

  • Amy has been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy with frequent bump pics, including some that would make Uncle Jim Bob blush.

    Amy is definitely the black sheep of the family, as she's the only member to show off her bare baby bump. Then again, she wears bikinis on the regular, kissed Dillon when he was still just her boyfriend, and even reportedly served alcohol at their wedding. Did anyone really think she wouldn't show a little skin while showing off her baby belly?

  • We love that Amy still got to feel connected to her grandma, even though she's gone.

    Hopefully she'll be able to find ways to help baby Dax know his great-grandmother, even though he never got a chance to meet her. Knowing Amy, she'll find a way.