Tori Roloff Shows Off New Look After Cutting Inches Off Her Hair

Tori Roloff

Looks like a certain reality star mom is making some changes to her look -- and we kinda love it. (Kidding, we really love it.) Tori Roloff is showing off her new look in a series of photos that have us loving her 'do. And in case you can't tell by "look" and "'do" what we mean, the Little People, Big World star cut a lot of her hair off.

  • Tori took to Instagram Stories to share a few pics of her new hairstyle.

    In classic Tori fashion, the expectant mom pulled us in with a fun caption and even cheesier face. (This is one of the many reasons we we love following Tori Roloff on social media. She's pretty much a friend in our head and super relatable.)

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  • We even got a glimpse of her growing baby bump while she was out with her lovable family.


    Tori and Zach Roloff revealed not too long ago that their second child is on the way. Their baby girl, who's set to make her grand debut some time in November, will join their adorable 2-year-old son, Jackson Roloff.

  • While some things are a little different after her noticeable chop, Tori looks great.

    Ha ha.

    Good one, Tori.

  • We really like her new look!

    Granted, Tori didn't go Audrey Hepburn short, but it's still a pretty significant change considering how long her hair used to be.

    Either way, we think she looks great.

    Nothing wrong with changing it up from time to time!

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