Prince George & Princess Charlotte Stole the Show at the King's Cup Regatta

Andrew Matthews/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince George, Princess Charlotte
Andrew Matthews/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Sorry, was this event supposed to be about Prince William and Kate Middleton? Because their children totally stole the show. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently competed in a charity sailing event, the King's Cup, but it was clearly Prince George and Princess Charlotte who won. After all, we couldn't tear our eyes off of them long enough to even notice their parents. 

  • Prince George was watching his parents race from a nearby sailboat, chaperoned by his maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton.

    Prince George
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    It looks like someone was recently visited by the tooth fairy, because those two front teeth are gone. It's been less than a month since Will and Kate shared some special portraits in honor of George's sixth birthday, and he still had his pearly whites back then!

    Not only is he missing his two front teeth, but can we talk about that hat? No one sign up for a three-hour tour with this little man, no matter how tempted!

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  • And then there was Princess Charlotte, pulling off her signature move. 

    Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte
    Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

    OK, maybe her signature move is a wave, but sticking out her tongue is a very close second. We love that Kate is indulging her a little bit here, because who likes wearing Peter Pan colors at the end of the day? Charlotte was obviously just trying to get her feels out. 

  • But this is the photo we really love, because Kate is obviously telling Charlotte to keep it in check. 

    Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton
    Clive Mason/Getty Images

    Go ahead, say "Charlotte" without making the same face Kate Middleton is here. We'll wait. It's impossible, right? 

    It's OK, Kate. We've all been there as moms ... they're cute until they're not, right?

  • At the end of the day, Kate was disqualified from the King's Cup, but we still think she's a winner!

    Kate Middleton, Prince William
    Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    Prince William didn't take home the big prize either, but we think they actually did -- their two adorable kiddos, as well as their third, Prince Louis. We can't wait to see all three of them out cheering for their parents, missing teeth and all!