Kardashian Fans Are Wondering What Happened to Kim's Face in New Instagram Pic

Kim Kardashian

Another day, another member of the Kardashian fam being called out for Photoshopping -- and this time, it's all Kim Kardashian. After sharing a new pic on Instagram, fans are accusing Kim of overediting her face. And although we can kinda see what they mean, we're also wondering if anyone's ever going to give her a break. 

And either way, it's a pretty cute pic.

  • In the photo, Kim's posing with kids North and Saint. 

    We'll admit that it does look like Kim smoothed out her face, but then again, no one in her family has ever pretended like FaceTune isn't a staple app in their phone.

    But Kim's gorgeous even without any editing, so it makes sense that it would get under people's skin that she'd want to take it a step further... especially because Instagram can contribute to hurting people's self-esteem quite a bit.

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  • So many people called out Kim for the editing.

    So many people commented that Kim didn't look like herself, which is true -- we can still tell who she is, but it's also easy to spot that her appearance has been altered. 

    And this isn't the first time this week she's gotten this kind of criticism ...

  • Kim also posted this photo, promoting her next makeup launch, on Tuesday.

    Gorgeous pic, but yet again, unrealistically smooth skin. We know that the KKW Beauty products can work some serious magic, but remove every pore from someone's face? Yeah, that's beyond the scope of any makeup out there. 

  • And yes, people called Kim out for that, too. 

    But that one commenter makes a pretty solid point -- a lot of people are using FaceTune, so why bother giving Kim crap about it? 

    Wait, what are we saying? This is a Kardashian's social media post. Of course people are giving them crap.

  • For some reason, we have a feeling Kim doesn't sweat these comments in the slightest.

    Facetune or no Facetune, this lady is beautiful. And any time she wants to post a photo with her kiddos, we'd love to see them.

    Honestly -- cutest kids ever!