20 Celebrities Over 40 With the Hottest Bikini Bods in Hollywood

20 Celebrities Over 40 With the Hottest Bikini Bods in Hollywood

Tracee Ellis Ross

Now that summer is sadly coming to a close, we know that our days in the sun are numbered. But when it comes to our favorite stars, we know we can always live vicariously through their celebrity vacations they share on Instagram -- no matter how old they are. Finding the right swimsuit can be quite a task, but we're getting a lot of inspiration from these celebrities over 40 who are rocking their bikini bodies at the beach and by the pool. And of course, they all look amazing ... and we're having major FOMO over their fun days enjoying the warm weather.

It's important to keep in mind that any body (literally) can be a bikini body, and as these women are proving anyone (of any age) can wear a two piece swimsuit as and be proud of it. Granted, it's a little easier to do this as Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth Paltrow, but ... our point still stands.

And while we may not be able to leave work to hit the beach right this second, we are getting some major inspiration from these women. Some of them are even sporting bikinis that they designed themselves for their own swimwear lines, which is seriously impressive.

How are these ladies so talented!?

Here are some celebs over 40 in their bikini best. We're obsessed with these confident ladies showing off what their mama -- or in some cases, their trainer -- gave them. Read on to see all kinds of photos that will make anyone wish they could make it to a beach in Italy ASAP.

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