Amy Duggar's New Baby Bump Photo Would Make Jim Bob Blush

Amy Duggar

Since she first announced that she's expecting, Amy (Duggar) King has been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy every step of the way. But her latest? Yeah, we have a feeling some members of her family might not be too crazy about it. Amy's new bump photo is a bit risqué -- and by that, we mean risqué for the Duggar fam. 

  • In the photo, Amy's husband, Dillon King, is cuddled up to her bare bump as Amy is wearing only a bra. Gasp!

    In reality, Amy's actually a lot more clothed than most people are at the beach, so it's NBD, but we do have to wonder what Uncle Jim Bob thinks about all of this.

    "Loving on this 30 week bump tonight!" Amy wrote in her caption. 

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  • This is hardly the first time Amy's shown off her bump, sans clothing, though.

    When she and Dillion hit the beach in July, Amy showed off her bump in a bikini while Dillon pretended to be a tiny man holding her bump up from far away. Too funny.

    And truly, most of her photos have been pretty tame, so hopefully, the more conservative Duggars aren't too upset. They do love babies, after all. 

  • During that same trip, Amy revealed her baby's name: Daxton Ryan.

    "Baby K has a name!!!" she wrote. "Baby Dax we cannot wait to meet you!! You already bring so much joy into our lives!! We love you so much Daxton Ryan!"

    Now that she's 30 weeks, Baby Daxton will be here before we know it, and we can't wait to see baby pics instead of bump pics (even though the bump pics are great, too). 

  • The countdown is on. 

    We know she and Dillon have to be so excited, and we're excited for them. The Duggar baby boom of 2019 has been real, y'all -- and now that John David and Abbie are expecting, this family is about to grow by leaps and bounds and fast

    We can't wait to meet Baby Dax. So soon!