Jason Momoa's Reaction to His Surprise 40th Birthday Is Why We Love Him

Jason Momoa surprise 40th birthday
Jason Momoa/YouTube

We don't need any reasons to love Jason Momoa more than we already do, but this video might take our adoration to new levels. He's just so darn cute! Case in point: Jason's surprise 40th birthday party is definitely a sight. His friends got him so good, and the footage is all sorts of sweet -- with a couple of celebrity cameos.

  • Jason's day started out with him meeting fans and signing autographs.

    ... basically, the usual when it comes to Hollywood life.

    As Jason mentions in the video he shared on YouTube, his day wasn't going super well. People didn't show up when they were supposed to, and there were delays, among other not so pleasant setbacks.

    If only he knew what was around the corner.

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  • But little did he know, his buddies were planning a birthday he'd never forget.

    "All his friends, they all said they're busy and they're not in town," Big Nasty tells the camera. "He just thinks the three of us are going out for sushi ... but I'm planning a [expletive] party of the [expletive] year."
  • Jason's surprise 40th birthday looked like a fun time ... and then some.

    Aside from the pink balloons that lined the ceiling (y'all know how Jason Momoa feels about his pink), there was even a Guinness machine to draw images in the foam of the beer.

    Now that's pretty cool!

  • Needless to say, they got him good.

    The look on Jason's face -- and all of those F-bombs he dropped in surprise -- is priceless. His friends really got him as it's quite clear he did not expect (nor want) any type of birthday celebration.

  • Jason Momoa's celebration included a few familiar faces we've come to love.

    Can we just say how happy we are to see Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke together again? We loved them on Game of Thrones and are thrilled to see they still keep in touch. (They're chatting with Jason's wife, Lisa Bonet, on his phone.)

    Also in attendance is Vampire Diaries alum Ian Somerhalder, who still makes us swoon.

  • Happy (early) birthday, Jason!

    Technically, Jason Momoa's birthday is August 1 (yes, he's a Leo). Still, his surprise 40th looked like a fun time with loved ones.

  • You can check out the full video here: