25 Reasons Jinger Duggar Is Living Her Best Life Now

Nicole Pomarico | Nov 15, 2019 Celebrities
25 Reasons Jinger Duggar Is Living Her Best Life Now

Jinger Duggar, Felicity Vuolo

Is it just us or is Counting On star Jinger Duggar living her best life these days? Don't get us wrong -- after watching her grow up on reality TV, she's always seemed like a truly happy person. But ever since she married Jeremy Vuolo, moved away from home, and started her life as an adult, she really seems to be coming into her own, and it's been beautiful to watch, especially because it means that she's been happier than she ever has been. And now? It seems as if this member of the giant Duggar family has really found her place in the world.

When she was younger, Jinger was always one of the most outspoken Duggar kids, and she's always had big dreams. Whether she was honing her photography skills or talking about how she really wanted to live in the city someday, Jinger's always been destined for big things, and we never doubted she'd find a way to achieve those goals -- and she totally has. 

Now, it seems as if she's living all her dreams. She really seems to be settling into motherhood, and she and Jeremy are obviously so in love. Now that they've relocated to Los Angeles, she's experiencing big city life, just like she wanted. And this fam does all kinds of traveling, which has given her so many opportunities to take photos in beautiful locations, making her Instagram one of our favorites to follow. There's never a dull moment in this woman's life, and that seems to be just the way she likes it.

Here are all the reasons that prove that Jinger is really living her best life right now. It's awesome to see how well she's doing these days, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her, Jeremy, and Felicity.

  • She Moved to LA 


    Since she was kid on 19 Kids & Counting, Jinger has talked about wanting to live in a big city, and now, she's gotten her wish! In summer 2019, she and Jeremy (and Felicity) moved to Los Angeles for his new job, and we feel as if she couldn't be happier. We always knew she was destined to make her dreams come true.

  • She Loves Being a Mom


    Is it just us or was Jinger totally made to be a mom? Ever since Felicity came into her life, she seems like a total natural at raising this kiddo -- which makes sense, because in the Duggar house, she was around tons of little kids all the time. From the very beginning, Jinger's been a total pro. 

  • Her Family Visits Her Frequently


    There have been a lot of eyebrows raised about Jana not being married, but it seems like Jinger's pretty thankful her big sis has the freedom to visit her in California whenever she wants! Every time these two get together, they have so much fun. And like this one, the photos are always adorable. 

  • She's Rocking the New Blond Hair


    Recently, Jinger took a risk with her look, and it definitely paid off. In summer 2019, she made a major hair change, and we're loving it so far -- and it seems like she, in fact, is having a lot more fun as a blonde. Going from brown to blond is a big transition, but she's rocking it.

  • She's Been Going to Pretty Cool Events


    Looks like living in LA is bringing Jinger and Jeremy so many cool opportunities already. In July, she and Jeremy got to go to the Discovery Channel premiere of Serengeti -- these two are so fancy these days! And judging by their Instagram posts, they had a blast... and we don't doubt there are even more events like this to come.

  • She's Making Her Own Rules About Her Wardrobe


    Since Jinger got married and moved out of her parents' house, she's really come into her own, and that includes her wardrobe. Gone are the days of wearing only dresses and shirts with sleeves. Jinger often goes sleeveless and wears pants, and she always looks adorable. Yay for independence! 

  • She's Become Quite a Foodie


    Following Jinger on Instagram means we are constantly jealous of everything she's eating! She and Jeremy find time to try new restaurants, whether it's a date night or a family dinner with Felicity. We need her recommendations ASAP -- and some tips and tricks on how she's gotten Felicity to be so adventurous with her foods, too! 

  • She & Her Daughter Are #Goals


    Felicity and Jinger make the cutest pair, and we love seeing her express her own style through her daughter. Felicity's outfits are always on point, aren't they? Together, this mom and daughter duo could totally take over the world.

  • She's More In Love With Jeremy Than Ever


    Not only are Jinger and Jeremy one of our favorite married Duggar couples, but they also seem like one of the most well-suited for each other. They seem just as in love as when they first got together, and their bond is only growing as they've spent more time together. Imagine where they'll be 10 years from now! 

  • She's Having a Blast at Soccer Games


    Considering that Jeremy is a former soccer player, it's no surprise that he's introduced Jinger (and Felicity) to the game. They've been going to MLS games in LA, and it looks like the whole fam is having a blast. Maybe this is a new hobby for her! Or maybe Felicity will grow up to follow in her dad's footsteps?

  • Her Little Fam Is Still Killing It on 'Counting On'


    Don't worry -- the move to LA doesn't mean we won't see Jinger on Counting On anymore! The camera crew followed their move, and we're really looking forward to seeing how it all went down. And yes, we are jealous of Jinger's life as a reality star ... even though it has to be challenging at times. We'd be bummed if the show stopped following her adventures.

  • She's Been Eating All the Ice Cream in LA


    Jinger and Jeremy have tried out at least two new spots since moving, including Salt & Straw. We are drooling over her ice cream posts. A sweet night out, grabbing a treat with her husband and baby? This lady is living the life. And fortunately, she shares it all on Instagram so we can live vicariously through her. 

  • She Has Such an Adorable Little Family


    We will forever be in love with the little Vuolo family. Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity are the most adorable ever, and we can't stop gushing over their family photos. And if and when they have more kids, we know that this family is only going to get cuter. 

  • She's Having a Blast Exploring Her New City


    Even though she was busy with a move and a baby, ever since she and Jeremy relocated, they've been all about exploring. They've been documenting all of their adventures, such as this outdoor shopping center and the aquarium, and it seems like this is only the beginning. Looks like they're loving their new home!

  • She Just Celebrated Felicity's First Birthday


    In summer 2019, Jinger celebrated Felicity's first birthday, and it's official -- she survived her first year of parenthood, which is a huge milestone. And not only did she survive it, but she rocked it.

    "One year ago today, at 4:37am, we welcomed our little Felicity Nicole Vuolo into the world," Jinger wrote when she shared this photo. "She has been nothing but a joy, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for this precious one."

  • She's Watching Felicity Grow


    We can't believe how fast this little lady is growing -- and it's awesome that Jinger is there to see it all happen. She and Jeremy haven't chosen to have more kids yet, so Felicity's getting all of Jinger's attention. And so far, it seems like both of them are loving it.

  • Her Instagram Is Always A+ 


    Maybe it's her eye for photography or the fact that she has such a beautiful family, but we love following Jinger on Instagram. Her feed is so pretty and positive, and we always look forward to her next post. And when Felicity gets in on it? Perfection.

  • Her Husband Adores Her


    Jeremy is always showing his appreciation for Jinger, and it's so sweet. Not too long ago, he shared this selfie of his wife, along with the sweetest caption.

    "Inside and out, she’s the most beautiful woman I know," he wrote.

    And that's just one example! 

  • She's Having Brand New Experiences With Her Family


    Jinger's always been one of the Duggar kids who has expressed a desire to assert her independence, and she's really getting it now that she lives across the country. She and Jeremy are building their own life together, and that means they're having tons of new experiences. So far, it looks like it's a truly positive change for them both. 

  • She's Gotten To Live in Three Different States So Far


    Jinger seems as if she thrives on change, and it's a good thing, because she's been experiencing a lot of it since she got married! Not only did she leave Arkansas (and her family) to live in Texas, but now, she's in California. It can't be easy to be so far from her parents and siblings, but she's bravely taking on everything that happens, and it looks like she really is having a blast. Maybe she'll encourage Jana to move out there, too? 

  • She Seems Happier Than Ever


    Jinger is all smiles, all the time, and it seems like this might be the happiest we've ever seen her. She appears to truly love her life and her family, and with all the good stuff she's got going on, we can't blame her. We love seeing her so happy -- and that she always shares her positive attitude with her fans.

  • She Gets To Travel All the Time


    Jinger and Jeremy are always on the go, and it's just another one of Jinger's childhood dreams coming true. She's always talked about how much she loves traveling, and now, it's a big part of her life. We don't know how she manages to do it all with a 1-year-old, but she makes it work. Maybe she can share some tips on how Felicity is such an awesome flyer? 

  • She's Drinking All the Coffee


    Jinger's never tried to hide her obsession with coffee, and she's got plenty of it in her life. It's fun to see all the adorable coffee shops she's shown off on Instagram. And now, she's even passing the love on to Felicity, who seems happy just holding the cups for photos her mom takes. Seems like LA has plenty of new coffee shops she can explore!

  • Her Style


    As Jinger's gotten older and come into her own, she's really found a unique personal style, and somehow, she always looks amazing. Whether she's wearing skinny jeans or a dress, she looks put together and so classy. And even though it was an emotional choice for her to start wearing jeans, it was a solid one! 

  • Two Words: Beach Days 


    Jinger is making the most of the easy access to the beach -- as she should! It's good to see her getting out and about with Felicity, checking out her new home. We're here for all the adorable beach pics that are sure to come.

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